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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Competitions and Summer Heat

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We had a fun weekend filled with Dance Competitions and enough heat to make our pool ready for swimming. Crazy boy was up to his usual stunts in the pool. Rylee competed her Solo Friday night and won a High Gold (thats the highest you can get) she also won highest score for her category and she took 6th place overall which made our hearts skip a beat. she was up against 52 solo dancers and had some pretty stiff competition. She also won a special judges award for Gorgeous Jette'. I've inserted a photo of it! And then on Saturday the girls competed their group numbers. They got Golds for 1 of Cassidys group numbers and one they were both in and Rylee got a High Gold for her group number Kite Ssong. We are very proud of our kiddo's. It was a very long..... long.... did I mention long day. We arrived at 11 am and were finished with awards around 10pm! Keeps us on our toes thats for sure. Pin It

Happy Mothers Day

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I remember vividly the moment that I became a mother. Not in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense.
It wasn’t the day that I found out I was pregnant. It wasn’t when I felt the first kick of my precious child’s little foot, nor was it when they lifted her and placed her in my arms, still wet and screaming after her exit from my womb. It was in a moment of blinding joy the evening after she was born.
I tried to rest that first night, after giving birth, but I couldn't sleep. I kept my baby with me all through the night. I counted her fingers and toes. I nursed her. Her daddy held her, talked to her and rocked her. Later that night I nursed her to sleep and put her in the bedside basinet. I turned off the lights and climbed into bed after checking on her several times, just to make sure she was okay. Then I got back up and just stared at her. I felt as if my heart swelled several sizes and then I burst into tears. I was absolutely overwhelmed by this gift, that I was given this huge honor to be this baby's mother, to love her and protect her and raise her to be all she ever dreamed to be. I had been blessed beyond measure, trusted by God to care for this precious, perfect, tiny baby girl. The world seemed to stop spinning; only she, my husband and I existed. Nothing else mattered.
Thoughts of returning to work, my resolve to get a sitter once a week so that I could have time to myself and my determination to not let my child be the center of my life were now laughable. My purpose for existence was her well being.
My idea of only nursing for two weeks was suddenly tossed out the window, as I resolved that only my milk would nourish this child for her first 6 months as long as she was thriving.
I discovered that there was no such thing as spoiling a baby and found that one of the greatest joys of my life was rocking my baby to sleep.
Being a mom has brought me some of the richest friendships of my life. Being a mom has enriched my relationship with Christ. Being a mom has taught me to be grateful for the little things, and it deepened my love for my own mom whom I adore and appreciate so much.
I even saw my marriage in a different, even lovelier, light. Watching my husband be a father and seeing how gentle he was with our children made me love him even more. And thats a whole lot of love cuz this guys my heart and sole! (Love you Baby)
I would sacrifice anything for my children. They are such a gift. Being a mom is so much fun. Enjoy your children every day. And laugh! A lot...
Here is a picture of Q, my first baby and daddy. She is graduating from High School in 11 days!! Pin It

Monday, May 4, 2009

14 Months Waiting!

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14 months down. How many do we have to go?? Wish I knew... Wish I knew. Pin It
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