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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lexi's 5 year forever family day

Pin It 5 years ago in Changsha China, our hearts gave birth to a love so deep and so wide that I can hardly explain the joy and the peace we felt at that moment. Bryan and I took turns holding and kissing and singing and playing and tickling and staring at this beautiful child God blessed us with. She was so tiny and so scared. She was starving for a bottle and for love. It only took a few hours to get a smile out of her, and it was followed by the most adorable giggle I had ever heard in my life. She still has that same giggle today. 

Today our little girl spent the day asking questions and being told stories of our first days together. She loves to hear about those days and look at pictures of our first week together. We will celebrate our forever family day sharing memories, stories, extra hugs and kisses, prayers for her birth mom and a sleep over in mommy and daddy's bed just like the night we first met 5 years ago 

It's hard to believe she will be 6 in just a month!       

                                   A little bit about our girl
                                       She loves horses
                                            She is shy

                   She is beautiful and not afraid to be herself

She is quiet most of the time (unless she is singing or laughing, then she can get pretty loud :)
She is cautious and a deep thinker
She is a great listener, a rule follower

She loves school
Her love language is time
She is a dreamer

Thank you God for this child! We love her SO

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