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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wrordless Wednesday!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everything is growing and blooming!

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Including my little girl!

She looks like a toddler now! And just look at that beautiful hair!

Spring is here!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We've been flocked!!!

Pin It This morning as Bryan was leaving for work he called me to come outside quick. He was staring at the yard and I was thinking maybe we had been TP'd or something..... Nope, much worse!! We've been flocked!!! You can imagine the slowing of the cars as they pass by our house, wondering if we really think flamingos in the yard are trendy or something??? Honestly, it's really embarrassing and most people don't see the sign so they really do think we are just decorating for spring. The homeowners association better not come around!
A family from our church is fundraising for a long term mission trip to Fiji.
They will be serving at Homes of Hope, a faith based organization dedicated to prevention, rescue and restoration of victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation. Since many of the girls are either pregnant when they come or have a child already the village is filled with young girls and lots of little ones. I know this family will be such a blessing to the people of Suva and can not wait to see what all God has planned for them during and after this trip.

For 40.00 we can have the flock picked up, for an additional 10.00 we can have it picked up and re-flocked to the house of our choice :) :) :)......... we are chipping in some extra $ and having it flocked around!!! Yep, these annoying pink birds will be visiting 6 different houses in the coming week! Hmmmm I wonder where they will be flying to first? Oh now it's getting fun!!

Lexi agree's!

Our conversation when she first saw the flamingos~
Mama, birds!!!
Yes, there are flamingos in our grass!
Yep, they sure are pink.
Yep, that's right baby girl, these pink birds are very silly.
Da da
No Daddy didn't put the birds in the grass, he's not that silly!

While the rest of us may have been a bit disturbed by these pesky pink birds, Lexi thought they were hilarious!! She was just laughing at them and having a great time! She spent lots of time outside rearranging them throughout the day which I am sure did not help the neighbors  think they were anything other than our new yard decor!
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring break is over~

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That means we can go back to dance and back to a routine

But it also meant that big sister Cassidy went back to school today

And Rylee goes back tomorrow and that doesn't make the little miss too happy

On the other hand, dancing makes her VERY happy!!!

I found her shirt at the Gap and it couldn't have been more perfect!

Is she not the cutest little button? Gosh I love her!!!

And I am so bummed to say that she has a stinkin ear infection in her clogged ear and it's making her feel a tad bit  very clingy and quite the fussy pants!!

This is one of her favorite toys right now.

Brady is home for 1 more week so I think there will be lots of building going on if she let's him help her. 
I've got some sewing projects I am looking forward to working on and having him around will actually allow me to work during the day instead of when I should be sleeping!
And on a final note, I have a new blog to advocate for waiting children so be sure and check back for the link to it. There are some gorgeous children waiting for their families to find them, maybe it's you???

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink please!

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Last weekend while the pool was being re-filled the girls decided we were all in need of a pedicure.
We decided to bring Lexi along to see if she was ready for her very first real one. Boy was she ever!!
She had no problem splashing her feet about in the hot bubbly blue water, or getting her toenails clipped and painted by a complete stranger.

Pink please.. was her only request

She was so patient and so still!

And so proud of the end results!

Beautiful pink toesies

And when she was finished and noticed that Cassidy was still waiting for someone to come and get her toes going, she stepped right up and took the job on herself!

We cracked up as she pulled up the little stool and prepared her towel.

Just look at her, it's as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

She is the funniest little thing!!!

And if we cover the toes up, no one will ever know how bad these babies need this pedicure!

It is so much fun watching my little cupcake blossom
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! Go Green!

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It started to get dark before I even snapped any pictures today so these are rotten but oh well.

I could not get her to humor me, nor get the gum ball out of her mouth!

She scored the gumball from big brother and that was all she cared about. No smiles for mom :(

And below...... my baby one year ago today!! 

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