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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pin It I don't like her! Irene, that is. My oldest baby hopped on a plane to Newport News today. This will be her first week living in her new home with her new husband and Irene is trying to get in on the party!
Praying she stays away and that everyone is safe and unharmed!

As for Little Miss...
She spent the entire week sick!!! She was sick and whiny for so long I almost forgot what a sweet little doll she is! Honestly, it was a rough week. Burning hot fever, lots and lots of sleeping, not eating and whine whine whine. But when mom finally got smart and realized something was up and took her to the doctor... and found out she had a terrible terrible ear infection.... Well that was that! A kick in the pants for me, some antibiotics for her and a very happy little girl in 48 hours! Just in time to say goodbye to big sis.
                                                     FEELING MISERABLE

                                      ON THE MEND

I know she looks really excited about something.
 And as much as I wish I could tell you she is excited about some news I will be sharing with you all very very soon....... she's not! She's singing and clapping to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse :) Pin It

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking the silence

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

From Az to Ca to MN

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Our fun with the Little's is coming to an end. We have enjoyed their company so much And Jill and I had a blast with them in Ca.
Friday we arrived at the hotel after the 6 hour + many potty stops drive.
 Ruby having a pretend phone call at the hotel before dinner.
And Lexi playing with her train.

We spent Saturday playing the day away at Sea World. I don't know if it was Sienna's first time on amusement park type rides but she was totally in to the rides and the Sesame Street Characters! So was my little Lexi! She is going to be a total roller coaster girl!! And you already know she is crazy about the characters!

Ruby does not like the characters and no way was she going to take a picture with them!! The greatest part of Ruby's day at Sea World was seeing the sharks and eating the Lemon Ice Cream she had looked forward to all day! Keeping track of 5 little kids at Sea World was a breeze  thanks to our awesome bigs~ Rylee, Claire, and Cassidy!! They are the most wonderful teens 2 mom's could ask for!!

These 2 have a very special bond! It is precious to watch!
Claire trying out a game that looked soooo easy? Not so much! It was HARD!!!

 Touching starfish for the first time! This was the last event of our day, it was almost 9pm!
 They were so proud of their bravery!

We almost lasted til fireworks......but not quite!! It was a long day!!

On Sunday it was off to the beach. We took our time getting there, knowing the Little's would be beat from the day before. They appreciated the leisurly morning and took thier time getting ready that day. It is a little difficult terribly hard to get photos of 5 Little's all together in an open area. They just run and run and want to play!!! So here are some mixed up photos of our fun day at Mission Bay.

Straight to the water! And YAY Lexi likes the sand this year! Last year she would not put her feet down the entire time we were at the beach!

4, 5

Everyone was so happy and playful!

Ruby dug a hole to China!
All By herself!!
Jill and I thought it looked like a Squaty Potty!
And all of the girls were able to get the kite up, all by themselves!!! Oh were they ever proud!!

Jeff and Diana,
It has been an absolute pleasure hosting your girls with Jill these 2 weeks! We have had smiles and giggles every single day and they have been 100% happy!!!!! I hope you have had worry free days and I thank you for trusting us with your angels!
Honestly....... this is my dream job! My dream volunteer job, hosting little gems while their parents  are in China bringing home ONE LESS ORPHAN, UNITING ONE MOE FAMILY!
I could do this every day!!
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