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Friday, August 12, 2011

More fun at Camp S

Pin It The fun continues at Camp S but Jill and I are so excited to be moving the fun to San Diego tomorrow! We are taking the kids to Sea World and the beach and we can't wait!! This will be ALL of the Little's FIRST time going to Sea World. What a joy that will be to see them all experience it together. The cooler temperatures sure be a treat as well!!
The R girls are doing amazing!! I am so impressed by the patience and trust these girls have shown me! They hug me and ask me to hold them and sit on my lap and allow me to fill this little gap of time without mommy and daddy here to do those things right now. They are funny and adorable and they say things that just crack me up!!!! I have to share some of it because I know some of you are here from Di's blog :)
When Ruby saw me get out the vacuum this morning she came running and took it from me. She said, "I better do that for you because I probably made the crumbs!" She was so cute with her little helpers trailing behind her and that big ol' vacuum!

They LOVE our ipad!! They love the cookie and candy making apps and the nail salon app especially! Sienna usually wakes up about 45 minutes before Ruby and she always plays the ipad while she waits for Ruby to wake up. She tells me that she likes when Ruby sleeps long because then she gets the longest turn and she thinks if Ruby wakes up too soon she should take a nap! I asked Ruby if she was going to ask for an ipad for Christmas and she told me that they would need 2 of them because they don't share the same at their house as they do mine! Oh this had me laughing all day!
They had a great time baking and frosting cupcakes after bath! Bryan was teasing them and pretending he was going to eat their pink creations!

We take them for a pink swim every night after dinner. We have a color wheel light in the pool for night swims so we have been freezing it on pink so the girls have what they call a pink swim each night. They get so excited when they see the sun going down, knowing that the water will be turning pink soon. They are CRAZY about pink and we try to make sure we have at least 2 of all things pink!!!
 Looking out for the Toe Shark!!! The Toe Shark eats little girls toes while they are eating sorbet by the pool.

                                                Watch out!!!!!! I see Him!


Ruby told me that she likes juice but it really lights her up!!! She said if she's tired, drink some juice cuz it really does the trick! And they both have the absent R so when they say trick its twick and tired is tyowd Ruby is Wuby, you can imagine how adorable this is!!! My big kids just love listening to them talk because it seriously is so precious!! They use big words and great detail and then the little R thing just makes it so darling!

 I told them to say stinky feet and smile..... this is waht they did ha!
Well I better get some sleep, I just wanted to make sure Mama and Papa R had some pictures of their sweeties to look at today!
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DiJo said...

Oh my gosh Mary!!!! They are cracking me up.. I can just imagine what you are living!! :) My observations! They are TAN!!! Sienna's legs are longer, S&R's hair are both longer, and they look incredibly happy!!!! I can't believe you even have a pink light for the pool!!! Next year I am coming too!!! I know you are going to have a wonderful time at SeaWorld!!! Thanks for making sure we could connect on Skype with the girls! It was so fun to see them. Tell the girls that Emme is practicing their names. She smiles so big every time she says it right!!!!

Thanks for everything!!! Love, Diana & Jeff

sweet momma luv u said...

Hi Mary!

Love the photo's! So glad that the girls are all having fun together.

NExt time yu are going to San Diego let me know and we will plan a trip down to see my family. Then we could meet up. I so want to meet precious Lexi!


Sharon Ankerich said...

Looks like you have it down to a science!!! FUN that is! :) LOVE seeing all the girls so happy and I know it makes Diana SO relieved!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Melody Lietzau said...

I can't believe you will only be an hour and a half away. Wish I could come crash your party and see all those beauties but we have a packed day. Your place sounds like a girls dream. Love the updates and pics. Can't wait to see the girls with there new sister.

TanyaLea said...

Oh Mary ~ what a FUN post for ALL of us to enjoy... but I know it blessed Di and Jeff, BIG time!! Just knowing their daughters are having such a great time and in the best of loving care, brings sweet peace to a mama's heart! Have a blast at SeaWorld... I can't wait to see the photos and hear all about your adventures with the crew!

I loved all the cute stories and great photos to go along with them. My favorite was how Ruby says she needs to ask for TWO ipads because they "don't share the same at home!" LOL!! That still has me giggling! :) I wrote down the names of those apps so I could search for them and put them on our ipad, too. It's actually Dawson's (he WON it through school!) but he'll load games for Khloe on there, too!

Oh, and the water shark by the pool.. too cute! You could see he had the girls on the 'edge' with excitement and anticipation!! ;)

Have a blessed weekend! <><
~ Tanya

jennifer said...

These are precious!! It looks like they are having an amazing time!! WHat a blessing for Diana and Jeff to not have to worry about those two cuties!!

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