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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

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 Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkin carving time!

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I love the joy this little girl brings in our home!
 She takes pumpkin carving very serious but she is just giddy with excitement once daddy gets this thing cleaned up!

 Sorting the seeds for sister to bake. Another thing she would rather someone else clean, she does not like to get dirty!
 The finished pumpkin! She told her daddy she wanted ghosts and thats exactly what she got!! Daddy rocks!

 Happy Fall everyone! We had chilly weather here tonight and a bit of rain as well! Looking forward to a little week away with my baby girl very soon and the upcoming holidays! My favorite time of year!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Darling Baby Girl, You Are So Loved!!

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Lexi has set the tea table for 2. She is ready to spend the days giggling and romping around with her new sister!

Her blanket is finished and looks oh so cuddly! We hope it will bring her lots of comfort as she begins her attachment to us. And her crib is tired of laying empty, waiting for that  sweet little body to fill it!

And my dear friend Jill got her, her very first gift! Matching bracelets for Ivy and Lexi! Have I mentioned how much I love this lady? Yep, she's a gift from God indeed!
And our second gift came from my sweet bloggy friend Melody and her precious Hannah! Matching purses for the sweeties!!! We were blessed with a visit from them this week, they were in Az for an adoption conference.
 Waiting at the park for our meet up with Melody and Hannah

 It was sooooo hot that day!! Bad idea to meet at the park. By the time they got there my little furnace was already a sweaty Betty!!

The girls were so sweet to each other and I so wish our visit could have lasted all day!

I learned that Hannah had a very serious heart condition, very similar to Ivy's. Spending this time with Melody was most certainly God's way of comforting my heart and keeping me sane as we get through this waiting to bring Ivy home!!

The Big Girls finished Ivy's block letters this week! So now one closet has
Lexi's name over it still, but....

The second closet, now occupied with Ivy's things,
has Ivy's name over it! I think they did a terrific job!

We decided to put the girls in the same room, keeping the guest room open for now. Lexi is soooo excited about this so we will see how it goes. If we have issues we can always change the plan.

We are trucking along with the paperwork, hoping to hear something from uscis soon!! We have not been printed yet :(

Pictured here with her nanny, this woman takes care of only Ivy (yes she has her own personal nanny!) I long for the day I can hug her and thank her for the love and care she has given my girl. We are told that Ivy and this woman have the most precious relationship. I know that leaving this sweet woman who has been like a mother to Ivy is going to be heart breaking for both of them!  On the left is beautiful Jane. Jane is from Red Thread Charities and she is the Angel that along with her husband and several other women, fly's to China twice a year to train the nannies that work with these children in Hangzhou. She is a nurse and her husband is a doctor.
Darling Baby Girl,
                                      You Are So Loved!

Sunday Snapshot
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ivy, we love you baby!

Pin It Yesterday, while we slept, my new sweet friend Jennifer took a little trip.
She and her husband adpoted their baby girl just a few days ago. She happens to be from the same orphanage as Ivy! They were roomies!! And yesterday, they took the trip back to the orphanage to say goodbye, thank the nannies who cared for their princess for 13 months, and..... get a peek at our girl!!
 They call this one of the top 5 orphanages in China, a model orphanage if you will. I can see why!
 Looks like it was a rainy wet dark day.

Inside, it was nap time for all the babies.

The model of the orphanage is in the flooring inside the loby of the oprhanage
I think my sweet girl was very unhappy about being awakened from her nap! To see first hand, where she sleeps, where she spends her days and nights, oh my heart!

And though my heart is saying oh my, sweet baby Ivy was saying oh why!!! Can't a girl get some un interupted sleep around here?

Looks like she is giving the *look* to whoever it was that woke her!

But, happy or sad.... this baby girl just takes my breath away! Pin It

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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