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Friday, May 5, 2017

7 in heaven, #sprinklejoyforivy

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Saturday! Be Joy!!! Ivy will turn 7 in Heaven, lets Sprinkle Joy for Ivy!
At 7am our family will head to Ivys home church to clean for Jesus. Help us give her church some extra sparkle as we vacuum and clean toilets and sprinkle joy. We'll bring donuts from Bosa and there will be coffee already there. So arrive a few minutes early ;) Mission community church. MISSION Community Church
After we clean we are heading to the cemetery. We plan on putting a red ballon on every child's grave. (Ivy is in a children only area) I hope it brings a little joy to the families who visit that day. 
Ivy had someone in her life that she loved dearly. She happens to be a dear friend of mine, and she happens to have stage 4 cancer. Ivy never missed a day praying for her. Ever!!! And the first words out of her mouth each time we see our friend, were always, how ya dooin today? How's your canswer? It was so innocent and so beautiful. If you watched her service you might remember the video where she was telling our friend to fight fight fight. Our girl was a prayer worrier and I have no doubt she's still advocating for her sweet Stacy in heaven. Next Saturday ( a week after Ivy's birthday) happens to be Stacy's birthday. She has titanium rods in her back so she can't drive for the rest of her life. Her sister ( an absolute gift from God) drives her everywhere! Takes her back and forth to her countless appointments!) I want to bless these two ladies! It gets boring sitting at home and she has very young children. Let's shower them with amazon gift cards! I'm sure that there is just no time to run to all the places she needs to with a schedule like hers. The 2 sisters can share the cards. When I imagine how we act in heaven, all just sharing everything and always helping each other, putting the other first... it is there 2 sisters that I see! I'm so blessed to call them friends. I purchased my gift cards at the grocery store but you can also purchase online. If you choose to join us, please message me for address or bring Saturday. 
The rest is easy
Say hello to people you don't know
Say a compliment or two
Skip like a child without caring about who is staring at you. Have fun! Sparkle! Giggle!
Write a sweet note to a teacher
Give a financial gift with money you had saved for something for yourself, knowing they need it more.
Have compassion and love for the hurting.
Love on everyone!!!!!
Read one more story before bed
Say yes to ice cream for breakfast! ( or chips)
It is easier to find joy than it is to harbor bitterness. So let's do this!!!
Hashtag your day! Show us how much joy can be spread. Or give in secret and just hashtag a sweet photo. We love you all and Ivy loved you more! 

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Thursday, May 4, 2017


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Saturday, Little Miss Ivy Joy will be 7. Her first birthday in heaven and our first birthday without her. Her big sister, Lexi, who is 8 years old, put it all in prospective tonight. Mom, Ivy is going to be having days better than birthdays and Christmas and every best moment you could imagine times one billion in heaven. She beat us there. Because God chose to heal her heart in heaven instead of open her chest again for the 6th time. He didn't want her suffering through that and he took her to heaven before her birthday because he knows how much she LOVES birthdays!!
And she is right. I taught the girls very young the beauty of our salvation and what lies ahead. They talked about death and about heaven in the most free and innocent way. Just 2 weeks before Ivy went to heaven, she was telling Lexi and I that she was going to have a pegasus unicorn in heaven and 1000 shopkins. I would not doubt that she is riding her pegasus unicorn on her birthday. That is if she has gotten of of Jesus' lap yet. I told Lexi that every time I pictured Ivy in heaven she was still on Jesus' lap and that I hoped she was sharing. Lexi reassured me, mom, it doesn't matter! There is no sadness or complaining in heaven so even if she isn't sharing, no one will care! My girl is wise and she is the joy that covers my mourning. And so is Charlotte and all of her happiness and love. And so are my big kids and my little Henry! I am blessed to still have these moments with them and promise to continue to not miss a minute of each day we have together. Because today is what we know we have. And though this is hard, we can always find joy!
Tomorrow I will post about our SPRINKLE JOY FOR IVY! In honor of her Birthday!
Much love and gratitude to all who continue to cover us in prayer!
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