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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas morning 2012

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Waking up, all together, Christmas morning was the best gift of all!

The littles woke up a little after 8am. Ivy's face was puffy again but she was happy and in great spirits. 
 We do stockings in the family room before anyone goes out to the living room to see what Santa left under the tree.
 Lexi would have been content just playing with the tiny little mermaids in her stocking all day and never even opening a present. She tells me, ~I'm happy with what I got and I don't need anything else~ LOVE this girl!!!!!
 Ivy loved the idea of opening more presents!!! She got so spoiled in the hospital getting packages every day that she see's a box and she screams PRESENTS!! BTW, on Lexi's birthday we got a huge huge box from Boston Childrens... they kindly packaged up the cards and gifts that continued to come after we left and mailed them to our home. So even though it was not her birthday, she had gifts to open that day too! Thank you everyone!
 Back to Christmas...... Our little couch potato got off the couch for a while to push her new bitty baby. It was not for long but we will take what we can get!
 She took her time getting off every bit of tape and paper.
 She loved the book her big sister got her!

Lexi was thrilled with her Special Agent Oso Bear. She loves this show! She got Dotty and Wolfie too.

 The big Santa gift was their tandem tricycle! The perfect set of wheels for this season of life. We pray that there will be a day when Ivy's heart will allow her all the normal activities of a child her age. But until then, she has been blessed with a sister who will lovingly drive her around on the back of her bike! Wearing a helmet of course!

 New skirts were a hit! Ivy's took over her entire lower body! So cute!

                                            And off they go!!!!

 Lexi could ride any bike forever. She is never ready to come home. So Ivy ended up falling asleep on the ride!
 Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

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                                 From our family to yours

Merry Christmas

May God bless you and bring you the desire to find JOY in all circumstances!

     Hope in even the most difficult times

             Laughter to heal broken hearts

                     And above all, Love!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is it crazy at your house???

Pin It This time of year is busy enough! Adding the fact that we lost so much time while away, came home with a still quite frail little girl, dance recitals, school programs, Christmas Parties, and all that fun stuff you can only do in December..... It's a bit crazy around here!!!

School is over for Lexi, Brady and Ivy and ends for Cassidy tomorrow. Yay!!! I LOVE having all my kids home!!! 

We had brunch with Santa today and Lexi was ear to ear smiles the entire time. This is a tradition we started way back with the Bigs. And I was so excited to continue it with the Littles!

 From the hot cocoa with all the whipping cream and pink and brown chocolate shavings you care to shovel in yourself, 

                                   to the puppet show 

                             and FootZ the clown 

                                      and magic show
                             and of course, her Buddy... Santa!!!! 

                      She was in all her glory! 

Ivy was a bit disappointed with most of it! She is so funny! The girl tells it like it is, no mistake!

She approved of the atmosphere and the highchair.

She enjoyed the puppet show, watching every part of it and laughing at all the funny parts! 

She was appalled that they not only had a clown in the ballroom, but that the clown was stationed right next to our table!!!! She was disappointed that they brought her pancakes to eat when she wanted eggs and mashed potatoes! (We were able to arrange that for her though :)

She couldn't believe we actually asked her again if she would like to take a picture with Santa? Uh..NO

Even in Daddy's arms, she wanted no part of sharing the stage with that jolly old guy! And boy was he Jolly! Lexi wanted to take him home with her!!! And I think he was pretty smitten with her too! 

Last week little Ivy ended up in the hospital. She was admitted to the PCICU. She woke up Sunday with a big ol belly. And by Monday morning it was, well, 21 inches of ginormous! 

After a bazillion tests they concluded that it was just a medication issue. She had been weaned off of one of her diuretics and clearly, she still needed it a great deal. Fluid had accumulated in her abdominal cavity and as soon as she was put back on that extra diuretic her belly began to shrink. We are so relieved!!! 
And a quick update on how she is doing overall. She is gaining weight still!! She has gotten much stronger but still has a long way to go. We have a great routine with her Coumadin and INR checks. Checking at home has been a breeze and she can almost check herself now. Seriously, I should get it on video it is adorable. She holds the tube and says catch the blood, come out blood! She wipes it up, and helps put it on to the INR machine. Such a big girl!
 Physical activity is our biggest challenge right now. Her doctors are certain that she is guarding herself knowing that she has always been in pain when physical so why mess up a good thing since she is finally feeling good. She is absolutely the most stubborn little bitty thing I have ever encountered when it comes to trying to get her moving. She will not do it unless it is her idea... and it's rarely an idea she cares to have. She sits on her throne and orders everyone around and she finds sitting in her highchair eating or riding in the Target shopping cart the greatest activity ever!

 We are moving to rehabilitative PT with a much more aggressive approach starting after the new year. In the mean time we just do what she allows, building trust, continuing the healing process, and we do see her strengthening up. She is full of smiles and joy and lots of spice!!! Our little firecracker indeed! Oh how we love her!!
Lots of pictures to follow from the past 2 weeks of Christmas Fun!!!
Wall-e the elf got in on the action for Lexi's Birthday! Can you find him?

 She wanted a JUMP party more than anything! On Tuesday, with Ivy still in the hospital, we were able to jump through hoops so that the show could go on! She so deserved this day!

 Lexi finally had enough hair to get some tapering done at her hair appointment a few days ago! 
Love her new little do!

 Now it's Ivys turn! She lost so much hair in Boston. I think with all that trauma, long period of time without nutrition and just being in bed all the time. It is just starting to fill back in on the top. 
                        What a difference 3 weeks makes!

     Pre School Christmas Program

Sorry for all the photos! I know my mom loves to see the girls and I love having this to look back at. I hope you all are having a beautiful joyous December!!! 

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