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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas morning 2012

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Waking up, all together, Christmas morning was the best gift of all!

The littles woke up a little after 8am. Ivy's face was puffy again but she was happy and in great spirits. 
 We do stockings in the family room before anyone goes out to the living room to see what Santa left under the tree.
 Lexi would have been content just playing with the tiny little mermaids in her stocking all day and never even opening a present. She tells me, ~I'm happy with what I got and I don't need anything else~ LOVE this girl!!!!!
 Ivy loved the idea of opening more presents!!! She got so spoiled in the hospital getting packages every day that she see's a box and she screams PRESENTS!! BTW, on Lexi's birthday we got a huge huge box from Boston Childrens... they kindly packaged up the cards and gifts that continued to come after we left and mailed them to our home. So even though it was not her birthday, she had gifts to open that day too! Thank you everyone!
 Back to Christmas...... Our little couch potato got off the couch for a while to push her new bitty baby. It was not for long but we will take what we can get!
 She took her time getting off every bit of tape and paper.
 She loved the book her big sister got her!

Lexi was thrilled with her Special Agent Oso Bear. She loves this show! She got Dotty and Wolfie too.

 The big Santa gift was their tandem tricycle! The perfect set of wheels for this season of life. We pray that there will be a day when Ivy's heart will allow her all the normal activities of a child her age. But until then, she has been blessed with a sister who will lovingly drive her around on the back of her bike! Wearing a helmet of course!

 New skirts were a hit! Ivy's took over her entire lower body! So cute!

                                            And off they go!!!!

 Lexi could ride any bike forever. She is never ready to come home. So Ivy ended up falling asleep on the ride!
 Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!!!!!!!!!

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maggie k said...

Love love love the pictures of them together on the tandem tricycle! What a wonderful way for them to be outside together. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of them! Love to all MK

Tina Michelle said...

Aww, great pics! Love them on the bike together. What sweet, sweet girls.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

So glad to see Ivy doing better and Lexi is adorable! Happy NEw Year!

jade said...

Well, talking about loving the pictures and your story: I cried seeing the two sisters celebrating a merry and bright Christmas. Thanks for sharing and all the best for the New Year too!

dawn said...

Oh my life! those bike riding pictures are the cutest I have ever seen. Those girlies are just so lovely

What a wonderful gift to all be together for Christmas.

Shay Ankerich said...

What a beautiful sight to see those little angels together on Christmas!!! Gorgeous babies!!! Blessings and love sweet friend!!! XOXO

Fannie said...

Oh my goodness they are so precious!! I LOVE how Lexi is wearing her big ol' tutu with her cute pink rainboots!! Mine was the same way at that age and I miss it so much!! GREAT pictures!!! I think it's time for me to take Lisa's class. You ladies put me to shame!! ;)

Wonderful to see Ivy doing so well! Her progress has opened up my hubby to the idea of a heart baby. She's still touching hearts.

Hope 2013 is the best year yet!!!

kim647 said...

Love seeing how much fun everyone had. Bless your family.

Sarah Lynn said...

Thank you for these pictures. They are delightful. I have never seen a tandem tricycle, and it is a wonderful thing. Best wishes for a wonderful new year.

Paula said...

Beautiful! The trike pictures - absolutely adorable!!! What a brilliant idea. So thrilled you were able to spend Christmas at home together where you belong. Joyful indeed!!!

Jboo said...

So wonderful to read this update and see your beautiful little girls! Blessings for the new year to you and your family!


Erin said...

the girls are beautiful. I'm glad they had a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

These girlies are way precious!! XIE XIE for sharing them with us !! Happy New Year!! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois

jennifer said...

Precious!! Love the pics of the girls in their tutus on the bike!! So cute!!!

Libby Pierce said...

Beautiful in every way! LOVE the tandem trike! You are the PERFECT parents for these lite gifts. He is using you powerfully! He places the lonely in families. He has clearly made a way for these girls..., on the journey to His heart..., through your home, family, and shared life. Love this. This is the gospel, in real life. ThankYou!!!! Well done!!!! Keep pedaling. I know the road is going to be longer yet...., but we have all of eternity to hang out and recover!

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