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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Christmas Wish

Pin It Mommy! Mommy! Mom!!!!

That is how Ivy calls for me! If I am not quick enough to respond to her first or second Mommy, I become MOM! She has copied this from Lexi, as she does most everything. Yes this little girl is going to keep me on my toes ha!

                                         Rarrrrrr, This is her tiger!

Words from Lexi this week.
Ivy, If you keep just sittin on that couch and eating all those chips and watching all that tv, your bottoms gonna leave footprints on our couch!!
She just cracks me up!!

And her words to Ivy must have worked because the healing has finally started to speed up for our baby girl and she is a little better every day! 

Today she was on her feet way more than she was off them. She is putting weight on her arms now and looks like she is in much less pain when she goes from laying to sitting and when she pulls up to stand. It still looks painful, but nothing like before. 

Today at the park when Lexi saw Ivy approaching the slide she came running saying, I'm worried about you Ivy, I'm worried my baby sister might get hurt on this slide! Little did she know Ivy had no desire to try the slide alone. 
Lexi skinned her ankle on a bike ride this evening. She didn't cry or fuss about it the entire ride. But.... when we got home and she saw the blood, she began to cry. Ivy immediately crawled over to her with her kissy lips puckered. She said, you ok Lexi? You ok? And she kissed her foot and her ankle and every part of her entire leg! She is so empathetic and loving it is just the sweetest thing to watch!
The girls are doing fantastic! 
In complete honesty, last weekend I was getting really concerned about Ivy. Her belly was getting big again and she was saying owie all the time. 

I am so used to there always being a crash after every step forward that my mind was just programed to worry about what was next. I had to start every morning just asking God to remind me that I need to get through one day at a time and not worry about the rest. Ivy is here, she is thriving, she has gained 4 pounds!! She is 17 pounds! Her tiny arms are now 3 and 5/8 inches around at the biggest part and her thighs are 5 and 5/8 inches around at the biggest part. Don't get me wrong, I know that is super tiny, but it is growth for Ivy Joy! 
It turns out she had a UTI, a common thing for kids on diuretics. However this was Ivy's first. She was like a new kid by Monday afternoon! Her INR (level of blood thinness) is right on as of right now. With toddlers, that never stays the case. I test her blood at home on my own now. She is such an incredible trooper about it! When she see's the kit she starts saying, ready... set.... its ok.... ready... set..... over and over. She cleans her toe with the alcohol pad, she loads the machine with the strip, and she insists on seeing the blood. I think it makes her feel better to see every detail of what is going on. The first few days I did the poke on myself each time I did hers so she could see that it was not so bad. (it really doesn't hurt, just a very quick little poke) Ever since doing that she is really calm about the whole thing and extremely helpful. One day we will get to a point where we just test once a month.. one day! 
Seeing the reactions of all of Ivy's firsts has been so much fun. The kitchenade mixer, She loves it, talks to it and feeds it chocolate chips! Candy canes, the nativity and Santa Clause! 

Oh and here is the cutest little funny from Lexi while we were using the mixer. I had the plastic splash guard on the bowl while it was mixing. Lexi was trying to look in to the bowl but could not see very well. She looks at me and says, can you please take the pacemaker off this bowl so I can see my cookie dough! I almost fell over laughing! Yes she has a cardiac sister!

My Christmas wish~
I have more than I could ever ask for!

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Luciana said...

Ah! That Lexi kills me. :) She's so funny.
Your girls are so awesome. I'm so happy all is well.
Still praying.


dawn said...

Be still my heart. How wonderful to hear little funny anecdotes and see smiling faces. So glad everyone is doing so well.

Lexi is hilarious and her yellow dress is beautiful.

Jboo said...

One of the best updates I have ever read -- my heart melted to hear how well Ivy's doing and her sweet big sis, Lexi -- amazing wonderful girl! Enjoy every minute!


anne said...

The girls are just beautiful and I am so happy for you all!!!

Merry Christmas!

Paige said...

Lexi is one special girl isn't she?? Seriously!!!
Thank you for the update, my kids ask all the time!
I am so thankful to hear her progress and I can't imagine your fear when ivy got a UTI. You are going to have this take one day at a time thing down by the time she is chubby:)
Looking forward to more stories of these 2 cuties!!!

Holly said...

Hi Mary,
It is such a good feeling to wake up and read this post. I am so so happy for you and it is great to see Ivy and Lexi happy together. Yes this is the best update ever!!
Take care and please don't worry too much. Have a great day.

Betty said...

Get your running shoes on! You're going to be kept busy with these two little ones. How delightful!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I teared up Thinking about Ivy's reaction to Lexi's scraped ankle. How sweet is that?!? After all Ivy's been through it would be totally understandable if she just rolled her eyes and said "that's nothin'..." but God has given her such a sweet spirit! That story in particular made my day :-) thanks for sharing! Sooooo glad you guys are doing well! Praise God for the blessings :-)

Jess bendell

Anonymous said...

Mary - my heart is bursting for joy for you. I'm just so incredibly happy for your family.

Kath said...

Oh Happy Day!!!!

Jo said...

Every day I rush to my computer to see if anything new has been posted. Oh, what joy to my heart to see this post!. My husband (looking over my shoulder) couldn't believe that Ivy Joy was the same child...
Take care of yourself. Much love coming your way.

Anonymous said...

So HAPPY to read this post!! Lexi is sure a sweetie of a sister for Ivy!! Perfect and Amazing how that worked out!! Wonderful to hear Ivy is coming along on hers and Lexi's schedule!! God bless you,Blessings.Cathy in illinois!!

Sarah said...

It is such a pleasure to see the girls together and to get news of Lexi as well. I am so happy you can test the INR at home. I had some experience with an elderly relative getting INR tests and it was a chore to get to the lab each week, even though we understood the importance. Thank you for the update.

Ladyblog said...

Oh my goodness! She looks amazing and I'm so glad she is home for Christmas and will get to experience the miracle of Jesus' birth with her family. Lexi is so cute too! What a great big sister she is....

Shay Ankerich said...

Bless you precious friend! LOVE reading how well your girls are doing! They are both adorable!!! Love and blessings!!! XOXO

Paige said...

My heart is so warm. xoxo

sierrasmom said...

Loved having this update to show around the dinner table! Thank you for sharing! We have not stopped praying for Ivy Joy..continued healing sweet girl!

Suzette said...

They are beautiful and God is Good! Thank you Jesus for your healing!

Wendy said...

Just saw this update today (Friday) and I just happen to be wearing my Team Ivy shirt. It's great to hear that Ivy is doing so much better. Bless her little heart for being so sweet, earnest, empathetic, cooperative, etc. She's really something else. I've had the flu all week and have thought of Ivy so many times as I was impatient with my feverish misery..knew if Ivy could go through all she did without much complaining than so could I (It only worked with mediocre success...she's a much better patient than I). Glad that she is now enjoying so many different things...and all of those "first" of the holiday season.

Lexi sounds so precious, as well. I'm glad they are having fun together and are looking out for one another. The photos are great!

Josie keeps coming to me with different stuffed animals telling me that she wants to send them to Ivy for Christmas. I keep explaining to her that they are old...and probably germy which makes her looks so disappointed. It is truly amazing how empathetic children are...and how many hearts Ivy has touched!

Kristi said...

Lexi sounds like a hoot!! What a personality on that little girl! So happy to see Ivy so full of life and joy at home enjoying her holidays and new found healthy heart!! ....Mary, I have been wondering if Dr. Baird wanted your blog address to peak in on little Ivy from time to time?? Certainly, he too is a member of Team Ivy!!

TanyaLea said...

Oh Mary ~ this post made me tear up. From smiles to tears, it had me captured all the way through. Just following your journeys with Ivy Joy had put life into such perspective. There is SO much we have to be grateful for and that we ought not take for granted. Your precious girls just melt my heart. I love their affection for one another... what a precious gift! And Lexi's comment about the pacemaker in the kitchen cracked me up!! :D

Praying sweet Ivy continues to gain weight and make great strides every day... gotta love forward progress!!! :)

Wishing you and yours a very BLESSED and HEALTHY Christmas... I'm so glad you get to be home to celebrate more precious firsts with your sweet Ivy Joy! Know you are and will remain in my thoughts, prayers and praises for all that He has already done!! <><

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

johnjohntwo said...

God is Great ! No Doubt about that!

Hardly anyone is more delighted Ivy is home and doing so well ... but ... aside from daily prayers,
I was one of the hundreds that checked Ivy's Web Site 6 or 8 times a day, every day ... and I kind of miss that close contact with this very very special girl. She has already and will continue to make a major positive impact on the world. That's Guaranteed !


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