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Monday, November 10, 2014

Lexi's 5 year forever family day

Pin It 5 years ago in Changsha China, our hearts gave birth to a love so deep and so wide that I can hardly explain the joy and the peace we felt at that moment. Bryan and I took turns holding and kissing and singing and playing and tickling and staring at this beautiful child God blessed us with. She was so tiny and so scared. She was starving for a bottle and for love. It only took a few hours to get a smile out of her, and it was followed by the most adorable giggle I had ever heard in my life. She still has that same giggle today. 

Today our little girl spent the day asking questions and being told stories of our first days together. She loves to hear about those days and look at pictures of our first week together. We will celebrate our forever family day sharing memories, stories, extra hugs and kisses, prayers for her birth mom and a sleep over in mommy and daddy's bed just like the night we first met 5 years ago 

It's hard to believe she will be 6 in just a month!       

                                   A little bit about our girl
                                       She loves horses
                                            She is shy

                   She is beautiful and not afraid to be herself

She is quiet most of the time (unless she is singing or laughing, then she can get pretty loud :)
She is cautious and a deep thinker
She is a great listener, a rule follower

She loves school
Her love language is time
She is a dreamer

Thank you God for this child! We love her SO

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the range

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Living every day like it is our last will be the way I live out my life. Thanks to difficult circumstances and times of clinging to God, waiting to see what His will would be, and holding on to the hope that it would involve making memories with 2 little girls here on earth. Well, we sure are making memories! And we sure are giving all the glory to our creator. 

Is't it amazing, all the beauty we have to explore and experience during our time on earth? And can you just imagine the magnitude of the real beauty we will see once we enter heaven?
Lexi speaks of heaven all the time. She tells me she can't wait to get there. Today, however, she experienced what she called a little heaven on earth. Her first solo ride! She was in control of her horse and she was beaming ear to ear. 

All saddled up and ready to ride!

                                   Heading to the woods

                                       And off she goes!! 
(yes, I am on a horse behind her. She laughed at me for almost 2 hours because Sunflower and I had a hard time keeping up with her.)

This little colt is only 3 months old

                 She and Ivy couldn't get enough of each other!

And to Ivy's complete delight, she was able to take a first time  pony ride, on a real horse, all by herself!

Tonight the girls are snuggled up in their bed dreaming of tomorrow. Ivy is needing oxygen, the altitude is too much for her and this trip was a test for that. Her cardiologist has wanted us to do a close by trip for a while now to see how she handled it, knowing we would be so close to home and flat ground. We came with lots of oxygen in tow. She hates it. She protests it. But we have been here long enough now that tonight I am seeing the need for it more and more. I am so thankful that this is only temporary and being attached to a cord is not the new norm. 

Earlier today, Lexi wished on a handful of dandelions. I asked her what she wished for. She said, I wished that I could watch the sun rise and watch the sun set with you mommy. Will you wake me up for it? Oh how sweet these girls are! Thank you Jesus for making us a family!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

His Grace is sufficient

Pin It                                     One Year Celebration!
                                 One year of HEALTH!! 

                            IVY JOY you are amazing! 

    Courageous, Joyful, Loving, Charismatic, Funny, Adorable, Beautiful. Strong, Kind, Thankful, Extrovert, Proud, Drama Queen, Talkative, Intuitive, Confident, Empathetic, Amazing child of God!

                                                                          Last Year

Our rejoicing of the news of Ivy no longer needing to be listed for a heart transplant was cut short. 

We lost focus of the precious miracle God had provided when Ivy began having seizure like activity and lost use of her left side. 

I remember my prayers so vividly. 

I was overwhelmed with sorrow as to why our baby had to endure yet another near death experience. 

I was having trouble sticking to my promise of finding joy in every circumstance. 

I was breathless 

I was weak 

I was tired 

I was terrified

Ivy had a horrific bleed that required the removal of her scull. The neurosurgeon was preparing us for complete paralysis of one side and severe developmental disabilities. 

In those weak moments, no matter how weak we are, remember that the Lord's treasure is manifested in it.

Less than 24 hours later our little miracle sat up and asked for food, water and Little Einstein's. She had the neurosurgeon and the nurses weeping in her room. Grown men and women, shocked by the outcome, and weeping with joy!

Today we celebrated this miracle. We celebrated the hard things and the great things. ONE YEAR!!! WOW!

A huge thank you to ~Always With Cake~ for making this amazing Warrior Princess Cake for Ivy!
And a huge thank you to all of Ivy's prayer warriors for never ceasing prayers for our girl! 
We love you all!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Wedding day recap

Pin It one year ago today. We had no idea what was ahead. 

We were as prepared as one could be, for the road to heart transplant. God had another plan. And then there was the bleed..... for that, I could not have been more unprepared. Today we celebrate with our cousins, one year of marriage. Love Big!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

looking back

Pin It The best thing about doing these~ one year ago ~ posts.... Is that I can hardly believe myself, just how much the girls have grown and how healthy Ivy has gotten with her very own God given heart that was so broken and so hopeless in the eyes of so many doctors not so long ago. 


And here we are now, below

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Friday, July 18, 2014

While mommy's away, Daddy and the girls play!

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As I type this, Mr Best Daddy in the whole world is home in Arizona spending 3 amazing days just loving on his little girls. I am away in Fort Wayne Indiana at the Matilda Jane convention, training for my new job as trunk keeper. Something I will easily be able to do while I continue my main role as care taker of our precious family. I have never been away from Ivy and I have to tell you, our little super hero is doing amazing. She had a pretty bad nose bleed last night but her big sister got it all handled and then treated her to a sleepover in her bed! What a treat for Ivy! We are so blessed with the most awesome teenagers in the world! I can't tell you how amazing these bigs of ours are. 

Im going to do a series of one year ago posts as we finish out the Summer. Our God has been so gracious in giving us this amazingly calm and priceless time with our family. I don't want to take a second of it for granted. So as I look back at one year ago, I thank Him for today. 

 Lexi has come such a long way! I remember right after our series of very long hospital stays, I could not leave the room without telling her or she would panic, screaming if she could not see me.

 Click on the link below to see where we were one year ago.
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