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Saturday, July 30, 2011

How Hot is it?

Pin It It was 100* at 10:20pm Wednesday.

We are off to cooler temperatures and sooooooooo excitied about that. I don't know why I'm  so much less tolerant of the AZ weather these past few years? I think it is because little ones need outside play time and we just can't have much of that right now. Lexi overheats and throws up if we are outside too long. Anyway, I'm thrilled that we will be able to go for walks and play outside!!! AND take lots of pictures!!!
You see, when it's this hot outside....... my cute 2 yr old model does this when asked to take a picture

See ya mommy! I'm not melting out here with you!
Thank you everyone for the excellent suggestions on the stepping stools for kids!!! I loved every comment and email and checked out each one.
We ending up choosing one from here:
 They had the biggest selection and the tallest models. Thank you Sarah! And thank you everyone!
oh real quick.......
Has anyone seen this????

It's called the learning tower and I sooooooo want it for Lexi!
It would be so nice for baking together and making a mess
helping with the dishes! Lexi loves to be in the kitchen helping but sitting on the counter isn't good and standing on a chair that's not really high enough anyway isn't safe. Sooo I have had my eye on this since last winter but she was only 12 months at the time. Now I see it again and so want it but do I really NEED it? Will we get 200 dollars of use out of it??? Will it be in the way when not in use?
So, anyone out there have one of these? Do you love it? Are you glad you got it? Talk to me :)

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can you help me?

Pin It I am not a fan of floor sitting potty seats... honestly, they really gross me out. When my big kids were potty training  I  used a potty seat that covered the adult toilet seat and had steps leading up to it. I looked in every store known to man in hopes of finding one for Lexi and had not luck so I went ahead and purchased this.....
It was fine for that first week that she was training but after that I was DONE! So I purchased some little cooshie seats to place on the big toilets and I just lift her up to it.

Well this morning I decided to look on line......DUH? And sure enough, I found the one with steps that I had been in search of!!

I know its not the prettiest thing but at least my girl will be able to get herself on the potty without having to search for a helper when she needs to go! I ordered 2, one for her bathroom and one for the guest bathroom on the main level. Well now I am hoping that someone out there in blogger land can help me. Even in the bathroom with the low pedestal sink, Lexi can not reach the water in the sink on an ordinary stool. We have looked and looked for a step stool that has 2 steps and that is not too luck. Right now I have this little trunk to get us by but it is not safe.

 I know there are some household stepstools that would work but come on,  they are horrible looking! Our speech therapist has a wood one that is perfect, they told me they got it at hobby lobby and painted it. I went straight there and they told me they have no such thing! Ugh
Sooooo... If your little shorty has a step stool that is a bit taller than most, please please please will you share where you found it! Thanks :)

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bored out of my mind!

Pin It I love the part of summer that means loads of time with my kids, trips to the beach, sleeping in and staying up late. I love swimming and traveling and cooking outside every night. But, for some reason, this year I am just bored out of my mind. We missed out on our beach trip due to the competition in Vegas, its a million degrees outside and I'm tired of it already, one can only swim so much without getting bored of that too and yes your right.... I'm having a pity party!! Truth is, I need to be busy ALL the time! It's what keeps me sane. And even though there really is plenty I could be doing, my wheels are turning and I'm going no here! Sigh.... I just really want to be at the beach right now!
All that aside, sniff sniff, getting over it now! We do have a trip up to the cabin planned and that will give me a break from this horrid heat!! We have some visitors coming while their mommy and daddy head to China to bring home their precious baby sister so there will be plenty of fun going on during that time. (Lexi loves Max and Ruby and when I tell her Ruby our friend the girl, not the bunny is coming to visit she says Roo Bee and Max!) So she might be in for a little shock when she sees Ruby is NOT a bunny and Max is NOT coming with her!
In another month we will have our oldest moving out of state, another starting at ASU, Cassidy will be a Sophomore, and Brady starts Junior High! And Miss Lexi has all sorts of fun things set up to start this school year, I'm so excited for her! She loves to be busy like her mommy.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Getting Down!

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Terribly blurry as all the photos taken in the house are, sigh... but none the less, worth posting any way. I am in awe of the coordination and balance and core strength of this little love bug!

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vegas Baby!

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We spent the past week in Las Vegas, the girls were competing at Nationals for Star Systems. It was soooooo HOT!!
We took Lexi to the Secret Garden to see the Dolphins and White Tigers. She loved it!! We were no quite as impressed especially since it was 112 degrees!!

I'm pretty sure the Las Vegas strip is one of my least favorite places in the world..... and with kids??? No way! So we just hung out, watched an awful lot of dancing and took the kids to a few fun places. By Saturday I was soooooo ready to come home!!

Lexi on the other hand thought Las Vegas Rocked.... She loved the loud music, the bright lights, the never ending dance competition, the hotel rooms, the constant together time and the monorail! When we were heading to the car on Saturday I told her we were going home and to say good bye to Vegas and she said, " More Vegas!" 

Last year we went to nationals in California. We packed diapers, bottles, pack&play.... this year, exactly one year later we packed panties, the ipad and polly pockets! Potty training Lexi was such a breeze, we said we ran out of diapers so we aren't going to use them any more we are just going to put all the potty in the toilet. She said, Kay!! She was 100 % potty trained by the 2nd day. Pull ups at night, good thing, since she is still in a crib!

We made it home just in time to celebrate the 4th. And my new son in law got to come home for the weekend to be with his new bride. Lexi would not let him out of her site!
The newly weds!
Practicing for the circus!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend and a terrific 4th!

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

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We're Back!!!

Look at how strong this girl is! She did a full front flip last night. Scares me to death!!
I call her crazy legs, because she is ALL legs. She has the shortest little torso and these legs that never end!
And I call this her ~Say what?~ face.
Wishing everyone a fun, safe holiday weekend! I will be back to some regular blogging very soon! Thanks for the precious emails, we love them all!

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