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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can you help me?

Pin It I am not a fan of floor sitting potty seats... honestly, they really gross me out. When my big kids were potty training  I  used a potty seat that covered the adult toilet seat and had steps leading up to it. I looked in every store known to man in hopes of finding one for Lexi and had not luck so I went ahead and purchased this.....
It was fine for that first week that she was training but after that I was DONE! So I purchased some little cooshie seats to place on the big toilets and I just lift her up to it.

Well this morning I decided to look on line......DUH? And sure enough, I found the one with steps that I had been in search of!!

I know its not the prettiest thing but at least my girl will be able to get herself on the potty without having to search for a helper when she needs to go! I ordered 2, one for her bathroom and one for the guest bathroom on the main level. Well now I am hoping that someone out there in blogger land can help me. Even in the bathroom with the low pedestal sink, Lexi can not reach the water in the sink on an ordinary stool. We have looked and looked for a step stool that has 2 steps and that is not too luck. Right now I have this little trunk to get us by but it is not safe.

 I know there are some household stepstools that would work but come on,  they are horrible looking! Our speech therapist has a wood one that is perfect, they told me they got it at hobby lobby and painted it. I went straight there and they told me they have no such thing! Ugh
Sooooo... If your little shorty has a step stool that is a bit taller than most, please please please will you share where you found it! Thanks :)

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Melody Lietzau said...

Loved this post. We started potty training this week and I have been to three different stores in search for a step stool that is high enough and decent looking. I will let you know if i have any luck and you do the same :)

Leah Mei said...

Lillian Vernon has a 2 step one that I think is cute. Not sure if they still have it, we got it about a year ago.


Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

During my shopping preparing for our new little one ( Hopefully referal soon:-) I found these online...some of them are pretty darn cute:-)

Kristy said...

So cute Mary!! I did see a two stepped stool at Ikea... not sure if you would want to drive all the way there, but you could at least check online... they also have little potties (kind looks like a bucket that you can sit on) for keeping in your car(or anywhere), along with wipes, plastic bags and lysol wipes :o). I find this handy... it never fails as soon as you get to the park!

Vivian said...

These days they come up with the most creative stuff for kids. Not that I'm an old mom but from the time I became a mom 7 years ago to have things "evolved". Good luck! Sooner or later they learn, just takes patience doesn't matter what you try.

Joy Graham said...

First of all, I have to say that your little girl is TOO CUTE!!! I bought bed steps and painted them to match the decor in each bathroom. When the girls are too big for them, I repaint them and move them to the bedside again. You can buy them at any furniture store. Love to have you over for Tea today to share your insights on Asian Adoptions. Blessings-Joy

Anonymous said...

we use this one

they also have:

Anonymous said...

Mary! I can't offer you any help on the stools but something that I have come across may help.

Its basically a simple faucet extender that makes it easier for the little ones to reach the water.
Hopefully this helps(:

I have one of these at great!

Teresa M. said...

doesn't target usually have some wooden ones (white)?

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