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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pink please!

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Last weekend while the pool was being re-filled the girls decided we were all in need of a pedicure.
We decided to bring Lexi along to see if she was ready for her very first real one. Boy was she ever!!
She had no problem splashing her feet about in the hot bubbly blue water, or getting her toenails clipped and painted by a complete stranger.

Pink please.. was her only request

She was so patient and so still!

And so proud of the end results!

Beautiful pink toesies

And when she was finished and noticed that Cassidy was still waiting for someone to come and get her toes going, she stepped right up and took the job on herself!

We cracked up as she pulled up the little stool and prepared her towel.

Just look at her, it's as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

She is the funniest little thing!!!

And if we cover the toes up, no one will ever know how bad these babies need this pedicure!

It is so much fun watching my little cupcake blossom
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abby said...

She is adorable! Take charge kind of girl. :)

Martha said...

awesome photos! so sweet!

Melody Lietzau said...

She is so funny. I can't wait to do this with my little princess.

Kjbikakis said...

Oh my gosh how cute is she!!!! I love the little pig tails in her hair! And those little toes! So adorable! I'm glad she enjoyed her pedi (:

Rebekah said...

So precious! Lexi must be very observant to figure out all that needs to be done after her first visit there! :)

Leah Mei said...

So, so cute! I can't believe she can actually sit that long. I only get a few seconds to cut Leah's toe nails before she's squirming like a worm and trying to get away. We joke that she my be 25 before she is able to sit still long enough for a pedi!

Sophie said...

I just love those chunky feet!!

And she looks like she knows what she's doing, she is a precious little angel.

DawnS said...

That is so funny and very sweet! She couldn't possibly be any more adorable!

Hailey said...

Oh my gosh, she's so stinkin cute!!! How sweet that she decided to help out! lol.

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

So stinkin cute:) What a fun day!

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