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Monday, November 11, 2013

4 years! Happy Forever Family Day Lexi Jade

Pin It                 How can it be 4 years already?

                        4 beautiful years! 

Lexi you bring so much joy and love in to our home. 

 You are such a delightful daughter, big sister,                          and little sister!

We melt at the sound of your voice, the sweetness of your heart, the delight of your giggle and the brightness of your smile. 
You wake every morning with a huge smile on your face, you are just a joyous, happy, easy going, old sole, loving and adorable little girl. 

Thank you for loving us, allowing the constant smothering smooches we plant all over you all day because we just can't resist, running to us with the biggest hugs and beaming smile when we pick you up from school as if you hadn't seen us in weeks, all because we love each other!!!!!! 

 We can not imaging life without you. God is so smart and so good to have made us Family!
You've come a long way baby! 
We love you to the moon and back, FOREVER!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 6th, 2013 Ivy Joy is 3 1/2 and

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Today was a monumental day! 
Ivy Joy started pre-school! 
We feel so blessed to be able to have the little girls at the same school on the same 3 days for the same 3 hours! We have been overwhelmed with emotion just having Ivy Joy home and doing so well, and now, here we are, 2 little girls going to school, loving life! What a plan God had, what and amazing plan!

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