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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Almost 1 yr since our journey began!

Pin It It is hard to believe it has been amost a year since our journey to Lexi began. At this time a year ago we knew God had a daughter waiting for us in China. Our hearts were filled with love and joy for this child even though she was not even born yet. We contacted Great Wall China Adoption and submitted our application. Within a week we were celebrating the Chinese Moon Festival with a group of adoptive families here in Arizona and our Paper Chase began. We did our paper chase on our own... I give all credit to my wonderful husband for that. He did it all so effortlessly and we had a log in date 5 months later.
Now here we are waiting and waiting, wondering if she has been born, praying that her birth mom and she herself were not affected by the terrible earthquakes and now praying that she has not or will not be affected by the tainted baby formula that has already sickened as many as 50,000 babies in China. We continue to remember that God is in control. We continue to have faith that our baby girl is in the arms of the Maker and she will get here as soon as it is time. But as HUMANS.... we are still impatient and have to continually pray that we get better in that area for sure. Especially since we still have lots of waiting ahead of us!!
So for those of you who have been wondering what we're up to and what's the latest news on Lexi, there's your answer..... We're still waiting, waiting and waiting and we are still as excited as the day we sent in our paperwork! We are just chomping at the bit for the day that our angency will call us and inform us of the child they think is ours. Please pray that China would feel the same way we do and get those children moving out of the orphanages and into the arms of their forever families in a speedy fashion. We have not seen speed in 3 years! We love you all and appreciate the love and support and continued prayers for us! Pin It

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Kay Bratt said...

Here is prayers lifted for you that the process will miraculously speed up and you will be able to bring your Lexi home..


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