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Thursday, February 12, 2009

An email from our agency

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Today I got an email from our agency asking me if they were to have a child a little older than our requested 12 mos or younger would we be interested in viewing her file. Interested? We'd be all over it! Gosh at some point she would have turned whatever age that is they are thinking of anyway, right?? So yep I emailed her right back and let her know she could tell China we were good with a toddler or whatever they might be thinking. Of course everything in her closet is 24 mos or smaller so hopefully we can still use most of it. sniff sniff!
So anyway, she said she was more likely to be sent 15-18 month old babies and with travel not happening for 3.5 to 6 months after accepting your child Lexi could potentially be 18-24 mos when we get her.
So these are just conversations through email that I had, not a referral, could still be months and months even a year so don't go getting too fired up just yet. It is just so good to know that they have not forgotten us and to actually have something to write about! Thats all for now. Mary Pin It

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