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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Letter seeking confirmation

Pin It We got it! Only 2 weeks after getting PA, we got our LSC! We can't even believe it. Pinch me! I didnt expect this before October. So now we wait for TA (Travel Approval), this will allow them to schedule our consolate appointment and purchase airline tickets. Our agency says plan for late October or Early November travel. Did I hear that right???? Will we have her home for Thanksgiving???? We very well could. And for sure she will spend Christmas with us. Remember back a few months ago before we even got our Referral I selfishly said it would sure be nice to have her before my next Birthday! WELL>>> It could happen, My Birthday is November 7th. Our family is overjoyed, we want this little girl home and in our arms. Thank you God for putting this all together and trusting us to be Lexi's Forever Family! Pin It

1 comment:

Kim said...

Auntie Kim can't wait to hold you baby Lexi! Hope you arrive before Thanksgiving. That would definitely make it the best one ever!!!

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