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Friday, April 22, 2011

Cassidy's 15th Birthday

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Cassidy turned 15 on Sunday!
She wanted a girly party centered around CHOCOLATE!
I have done so many chocolate fountain parties.....but apparently not enough because I assembled the fountain UPSIDE DOWN this time!!!!

So after adding several pounds of melted chocolate and seeing that the chocolate was getting stuck in the ~bowls~ that should not have actually been ~bowls~ we realized it was upside down!!! I was actually going to have to take the thing apart! With hot melted chocolate in it!! And the guests were to start arriving in 5 minutes!!! Yes of course one showed up early, the second my hands went in. So the pieces that I had to take apart were stuck and I flicked Chocolate all over the blinds and the wall and my husband! Oh it was the biggest mess but we got it all fixed and all cleaned up and it ended up being a really awesome party! And my husband, I tell you, this man of mine is a saint! He truly is such a darling man. After all the mess I created with my really really dumb mistake, not one negative word out of his mouth, not one! He was so sweet, he cleaned 99% of the mess and still washed the fountain when the party was over. He is such a beautiful example of how a man should love his wife and I thank God for him, I am so blessed!

And here is what it looked like when we got it reversed and flowing properly!

A few of the girls checking out the books that I have made of our year with Lexi.

This child is obsessed with holes and tape!!! Thank you Dora! She is concerned by the decorative ~holes~ in her shoes and is getting ready to apply the tape!

There were 12 little big girls standing around the chocolate fountain. One of them said, OH JUST GIVE ME A STRAW!!

We could not get Lexi to eat a single thing dipped in chocolate. She thought the chocolate fountain was ridiculous! She did shove a great deal of bananas in her mouth in a very short time though. As you can see by this picture she has a mouth full!

We a certain that Little Miss thought We were all singing Happy Birthday to her! She was so funny with a little embarrassed look under her smile.

After some of this yummy cake the girls worked off their mounds of sugar playing Just Dance 2 followed by swimming.

I really can't believe my sweet girl is 15!! She is such a fantastic kid and such a funny, fun, joy to love!! She has the sweetest group of friends and loves to be a social butterfly! We love you Cassidy!

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Big Happy Family said...

Happy Birthday Cassidy!
Looks like a great time for your and your family and friends(:
The C's

the meaklims said...

Cassidy is such a gorgeous girl! I adore her hair!

Happy Birthday!

The Hunt Family said...

We LOVE us some Cassidy!!! Glad to hear she had a great birthday!

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