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Friday, May 6, 2011

Hall of Fame

Pin It School is finally wrapping up and things are in full swing Chaos around here! I can barely keep my head above water as we whirl through everything that year end brings. We are swallowed up by Brady's Gym meets and basketball games and the girls dance competitions on the weekends. We have a senior graduating in 3 weeks so graduation stuff, college stuff... We had 4 nights of dance concerts for school dance, talent show, guitar concert, parent information meetings for this and that, if you have school age kids you know exactly what I mean and you are probably going through the same motions right now! It's crazy!! Little miss is on the run a lot, and she just seems to go with the flow and keeps us all smiling and laughing along the way. We are so lucky to have such a joyful little girl.

When we are not on the run we are working on things like.....

Wearing panties and using the potty!!!

Getting just the right piece of toilet paper is very important!

We are blessed to have so much together time! We also love to have special get togethers with Big sister Quincie. Lexi and the little boy Quincie cares for during the day (Sam) have become good friends and love to have play dates. Sam pronounces Lexi's name "Lucky", so cute!

Sam looks out for Lexi, helps her climb off and on things, holds her hand, keeps her safe. And Lexi likes to make sure Sam has plenty to eat!!! So funny!

Adorable Sam!
He is all boy!! Very important to be biggest, loudest, fastest, loudest, first, loudest and have the most of everything! Lexi could care less! The perfect friends!

Getting a real ~kick~ out of splashing her!

It was 99 degrees today and will be again tomorrow!!! I am thinking we will be hitting 100 and not looking back from there quite soon!

And before I sign off and head to bed I have to share our sweetest little weekend story.
This past weekend we were at Hall Of Fame Dance Competition. It was an all day thing and usually I take Lexi home and she goes to bed and I head back until it is finished and awards are over. This was Sunday and Bryan had an emergency Elders meeting at church so I had to keep Lexi with me. She was dancing in the isle for hours watching every dance and doing her thing, putting on her own little show. So now its after 9pm and its time for awards. Rylee asks her if she wants to go on stage for awards and she just starts to shake with excitement! She carries her up there ( All the dancers are on stage, waiting for the judges to tally up the last scores) the music is playing loudly and Lexi goes up and starts dancing at the front of the stage. She went on for about 20 minutes!!! The judges were just clapping and laughing and then the whole auditorium is clapping and she is just beaming!! They got on the microphone and presented her with an MVP Hollywood plaque and a T-shirt! She still randomly will just come up to me to tell me how everyone clapped for her. There is no photography or video allowed so I didn't even have my camera but Hall of Fame did take a bunch of photos of her up there and they are emailing them to me. I pulled out my phone and took a video when she first went up but it was before she was really in to doing her thing and its poor quality, oh well. Here is the video and here are some pictures with her ~prizes~ the next morning!!!

If only I knew how to make this right side up???

I could seriously suck the cheeks right off her face!!! They are as soft and kissable as they look! Promise!

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jennifer said...

That is the cutest thing...ever!! It wouldn't let me see the video, but I can only imagine that she stole the whole show!! She is SO cute!!!

I get the busy mom thing...Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Big Happy Family said...

I love the potty pics, and she is going to follow her big sisters into the dancing world for sure!
Happy Mother's Day Mary, enjoy that peanut, and all the bigger S's....

DiJo said...

My first comment was going to be, "Look how tan Lexi is already!!!' Then, congrats big girl on the potty!!! WooHoo!!! But, then I get to the end, and I am smiling thinking of her doing her thing on stage!!! Love it! How precious is she? I guess we know what Lexi is going to be doing in a few years!!!

God picked the perfect child for your precious family!!!!

Happy Crazy May! And, Happy Mother's Day!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! What a fun story and photos of your little cutie pie! It sounds like she charmed everyone at the competition :) Our days and weekends are super crazy right now too - part of having older kiddos, but some days - wow it's crazy! ;) Hang on... summer's coming!!!
Sara :)

TanyaLea said...

I just KNEW her cheeks had to be as soft and kissable as they look! She is a HUNNY!!!

Love the 'potty' photos ~ too cute! Looks like she is having fun with the TP!!

And how fun to watch her growing in her big sisters footsteps... I bet they are as proud of her as their mama is!?!

Happy May!!! :)


TanyaLea said...

...oh, and I forgot to ask: since they didn't allow for families to take video of the production, do they have a video you can purchase... because it would be worth EVERY PENNY to see that full 20 minutes on tape! I wanna see more!!! She is toooooooooooooo CUTE! LOVE that sweet little Lexi pie!! ***mmmwwwwaaaaaa*** (kisses for Lexi!)


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