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Friday, November 18, 2011


Pin It Dossier To China Baby!!!!

Our agency will be working with China now to expedite our LOA. We are told if everything goes as planned we will have it in 30 days or less.

Then we will go back to our wonderful officer at the USCIS, who got us from I800A application to I800A approval in hand in 14 days! We will ask her to work her magic again to get our final approvals and then it is back to the China side again for TA. If we need to contact Senators, we are prepared for that as well.
So where does this leave us in guessing when we will be in China??? Well since it is all just a guess right now, I'm not saying! I will just keep on doing my part to get it done fast so I can bring our girl home and get that special little heart of hers on the mend!
I have been getting lots of questions via email lately about Ivy, her heart, who's traveling and lots more so I will do another post this week and chat more about that. As for now, here's Ivy

                             Sad again!!!
       Poor sweet baby does NOT like strangers!!

And that is going to make for a very
difficult transition to her new Mama

But with time and patience and loads of kisses, she will we realize we have always been meant to be together. Forever

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Debbie Sauer said...

She is so precious. Hope you get her soon!! Is Lexi going with you?


DiJo said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The news I have been waiting to see!!! Go God, go XQ and Go Homeland Security! Ivy needs to come home!!!!!

Mary, it is going to take Ivy about 2 seconds to LOVE you... Your sweet voice and gentle spirit will have her trusting you in no time!!! And, soon she will be home getting that sweet broken heart of her's fixed!!

We will be praying your through this.. One more giant step forward! Congratulations!!!!

I can't wait to meet that precious girl SOON!


Leah Mei said...

Mary, she is just beautiful. Praying that you get all your approvals with miraculous speed.


Shonni said...

I pray that she is home soon!!!!

Big Happy Family said...

woo hoo! Love you Ivy!

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