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Friday, January 6, 2012

Pin It December has come and gone and I have not posted in weeks. So much to catch up on, I will do a back post this weekend but for now I wanted to bring you up to date on where we stand with Ivy's timeline.

On December 19th we received our Letter Seeking Confirmation and we mailed out our I-800 to the lockbox in Texas. We left for the cabin to have a White Christmas and just an old fashioned fun filled week on the 22nd. I was feeling so giddy with joy and excitement! I just could tell that this part of our adoption was going to move really fast. I could barely stand how happy and excited I was! Soooo on December 28th I decided to email my officer. We were still up in the mountains, my email account had been hacked, my laptop was dead and I just wanted to touch bases with her. She replied that she had not received anything yet...hmm..
I was not worried, the holidays were here and I was sure I would have news from her right after the New Year! Happy Happy OH WAS I HAPPY!!!
We came home on the eve of the 29th. We started to go through Lexi's old things and made a list of what may and may not fit Ivy. I was nesting :) I was happy!!
On December 31, I went to get the mail and in the box was a big white envelope that said HAGUE!
I was sure it was my I-800 approval. My officer must had forgotten to contact me or the NVC must had forgotten to send me the email notification or something! I could barely contain my joy and excitement as I headed back in the house. I tore it open and about lost my balance, wanted to throw up!!
Well, the paper said I was missing pages 8 and 9! And sure enough, I was. I made copies of each page and some how my original pages 8 and 9 did not get put back with pages 1-7! Failure doesn't begin to explain how I felt. I was a mess. Sobbing, yep, sulking, uh hu, total melt down!!!!!!
But soon, after about 50 emails and prayers and phone calls, I remembered who is in control here. I remembered that this is not about my plan and my timing. I remembered that the ONE who has held this baby girl in the palm of his hand from the day He gave her life had no plans of letting her go.
After waiting 3 looooong days for the uscis workers to get back to work, my officer allowed me to send the packet and the missing pages straight to her at Lee's Summit. It was received on Tuesday at 10 am and I have not heard from my officer at all. Am I nervous? ..... Do pigs oink!! I am
 sweating bullets wondering if my paperwork was sent back to the Lockbox or if they kept it?
The security the mail goes through at Lee's Summit is insane!!!

We are now waiting on I-800 approval, NVC cable, Article 5 drop off and pick up and Travel Approval. We needed to beat Chinese New Year. We wanted TA by the 22nd of January. But we don't always get what we planned. God knows the perfect timing for Ivy, for our family. This adoption has taught me so much about trusting Him. It is a learning  process,a healing process and
a geat time to remember that it is through tough things that we grow the most.

Here is our most recent  treasure from Hangzhou China. Once again, very unhappy.....AYE
I think she is just waiting for her mommy to put a smile and some giggles on!!
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From This Moment said...

Bless your heart! It's so hard to give up control...I'm working on it right now as we "patiently" wait on LOA. I'll be praying for a speedy approval!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Ahh, so sorry you had the glitch in paperwork. I have to say at least it didn't happen before Christmas :) Can you imagine your holiday at the cabin if that rejection letter had come before you left? That was my first thought as I read about your experience. I am sure everything else will roll smoothly along now. She is darling!

Steph said...

Oh, Mary! I had no idea! I've been checking and checking and checking for an update. I was sure you were just busy and not having a melt down!

I read a quote recently that really stuck with me. "If you say you have faith in God then you must have faith in His timing." Yes, I know it's easier for me to say that because I'm not in your situation, (No, not really. This paper chase has gotten the best of me this time! Can we move any slower here?!?), but we'll keep praying for Ivy, for your family, for your sanity, and for a speedy timeline from here to Gotcha Day!


Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

When I saw that on WC posts my heart sank:( But our GOD IS IN TOTAL CONTROL! TA could still, maybe, divinely come by the 22nd:)

Rebekah said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the recent hiccups during the process to bring Ivy home. It is hard enough waiting without the extra bumps in the road
Praying for you, that you receive that approval soon and that in no time at all you will be on a plane to China to bring Ivy home.
Praying also for Ivy, that she remains safe and healthy.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Oh Mary~ you have been on my mind so much and wondering what you had heard! SO sorry for all your worries and anguish! There is a reason and we may never know but you're right God knows and His timing is perfect. Hoping everything falls right into place now!!! Precious video but I know it just makes you want that much more!!! Blessings and love! XOXO

DiJo said...

Oh Girl, I would have been sobbing with you!! I am so sorry.. But you are right, God has your back, and He has this all figured out!!!

In the meantime, you are being blessed with precious video, and pictures of a sweet little girl, who is so amazing! I love how they dress her!! Love the coat! And, love her nanny for comforting her. Now that is the best gift of all... until her beautiful Mama takes over...

SOON!!!!!!!!!! Happy 2012!!!


TanyaLea said...

I missed this post, so sorry. But glad you now have updated info and know your travels are in Feb!

She is SO precious and even that cry of hers is sweet. I agree, she just wants her mama!! (I think I heard her calling out for you in her cry!) She is beautiful, and we are keeping you and your sweet baby girl in our prayers, knowing that God is in control!

Love and Hugs,

Big Happy Family said...

She has spunk spirit and spark. She's going to make a great addition to the S family....I just love her already and cannot wait to meet.

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