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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Pin It We are thrilled to be celebrating with one more Little US Citizen this year!!

We spent a few days up at our very gracious friends cabin in Happy Jack. 

Our 13 year old, Brady was just a mess with his asthma, giving his mom and dad quite the scare at night!

And Ivy Joy... Oh my sweet girl. She was a bit of a mess too. She was throwing up her meds the first day (took 4 complete tries to keep it down before bed) and she wasn't really eating. She slept a lot and basically cried every time I put her down. Ya, I know, reading up to here, your probably jealous of this little vacation time already!!!

But... The cabin has the most amazing porch and amazing view and the weather was PERFECT!! Chilly in the morning and evening and just right during the day. The deer were out and about looking for food each morning as we sipped our coffee and enjoyed quiet time before the littles woke up. And just being away from the busy day to day was a treat. Even if it was StReSsFuL~

I wasn't sure if the elevation was causing Ivy's discomfort or if she had a little bug or she was stressed out by the fact that she didn't really know where she was and what was going to happen next??? After all, the only place she has ever traveled to is the hospital! 

After getting home I think it is a very big possibility that she was under stress and it was hard on her little heart. Because from the minute we walked in the door back home, she has been happy and eating like a little piggy, as active as her little heart will allow and just herself again!!

                                                               Lexi Jade 
                              Her name should really be happiness! 
     Because she is always happy and she makes           everyone around her feel ~ happy!!

 And while the majority of my posts lately have been focused on Precious Ivy and her healing heart
 I feel it's important to bring the spotlight on to this little sweetheart today! She is such a gift~
 She has had her world shaken this past 4 months!
 And yet she remains just as happy as can be.

She was the center of the universe for 2 full years and then I left for China and came home with a very sick little baby. I spent more time away while Ivy was in the hospital, there are constant doctors appointments and constant attention on Ivy and her healing and yet Lexi just keeps on smiling! She has graciously made room for Ivy in her princess chair and gladly shares the spotlight with her new sister. 
 When she needs a little alone time she usually tells me that Ivy needs a nap! But when she hears or sees her waking up on the monitor she is jumping up and down saying Ibee's awake Ibee's awake and she is flying down those stairs to go get her!!

I do not know why I purchase clothing for this child! She lives in dance clothes and bathing suits and I'm not talking while she is at dance and in the pool... I'm saying if we are home she is in a dance outfit or a bathing suit. With a lot of chasing her around the house, loud giggles coming from all her hiding places, I can get her in clothes for as long as we are out of the house. But the second we are in the door...... clothes off and dance wear on!! 
And now Ivy wants to be just like her so she is constantly pulling on her clothes and saying off so that we will put a bathing suit on her! So funny but yet... not!! 

 She loves her sassy face! As soon as I get out the camera she gets those lips ready!!!
 She knows darn well that she is cute cute cute!
And when she is feeling good, she can bring on the Ham pretty quick!

 Always ready to eat whatever her big brother is snacking on!
                 Ivy wasn't thrilled about making cookies?

 Asking me why Ibee is fussing about making cookies? We are in the Why stage and honestly, I LOVE it!!! 

 She takes her cookie decorating very serious!

My big girls are in CA at National and we are all missing them so much!!! It was so sad sending them off for this big competition without any family but seeing how Ivy handled didn't handle our short time in the mountains, it was the right decision to stay home this year. Next year will be better!!!

 Decked out in her D.R attire, rooting for her sisters while they are away!!!

Wishing all of you a Happy Independance Day Pin It


dawn said...

Oh, be still my heart. Those girls are the most beautiful little girls ever.
So glad Ivy is doing so well.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July to you and your family!! God Bless us all and so glad Ivy is doing well . thanks for the photo card !!Cathy in Illinois

Yvette said...

Oh Lexi you are best big sister ever!!

K said...

What sport do your girls play? I know that Summer Nationals in fencing are happening right now in southern California because, once upon a time, I competed, too.

Sharon Ankerich said...

Happy 4th and so thankful you all had a great time away~ your family is precious!!! XO

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