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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cath update

Pin It Our Little Ivy was in the Cath Lab by 7:15 this morning. She was given her happy juice in the holding area at 7am and it nocked her out cold. I suited up and carried her to the cath lab. They let me lay her on the operating table and stay with her until they were ready to begin. She never budged.

I took her beloved blanket straight to the washing machine here in the hospital (something I do every time she has surgery so that it is fresh and clean when she comes out). And the wait began. It is now almost after 11am and the wait continues. They have called me twice. Once to tell me the dreaded news that her right coronary artery is in bad shape and that they see some very severe narrowing/occlusion in one area. They were thinking it was possible that there was a surgical clip left behind but could not tell on film. They contacted the specialty coronary team here and they were headed here to give their expert advice on how to proceed. About 15 minutes later they called again to say that there was indeed a positive read when they did the stress test on her (meaning the narrowed area narrowed even further under stress) so they decided to try and balloon that area of the right coronary artery. She has had some pretty scary times in the cath lab when they have tried to help that right coronary in the past. Praying oh so hard that today will not be a day like the others. Oh Lord please continue to protect my baby girl. You made her strong, please let her use her fierce strength once again today!
I do not have any other results as to her heart function, her PH or anything else as of now. The doctor will come out to speak with me when they are finished and then we will make this our home until our little Empress is strong enough to get out of here. This morning when we arrived and she saw the holding area she looked at me with her pouted lip and said, 
am I gonna be scared? 
I told her no one would be scary and nothing would hurt. She would be asleep. 
She said will they hurt me when I asleep? 
Oh my heart!! She immediately read my emotion and she hugged me so tight and said 
don't worry mommy, the doctors will make my heart better in no time at all. And that was it! Flood of tears! She is so special!!!! An absolute HERO! Any way... The next thing she said was quick, run, lets get out of here!! Hurry mommy, run! She is such a little character!
And her last words to me before she fell asleep in my arms with the happy juice that nocked her out
 ....brace yourself now.... it's a tear jerker (NOT)
Where's my cheetos!!! I want my cheetos!
Oh well, I know she loves me to the moon and back :) And oh how we love her!!!!!
I will be back tomorrow to share. Today we are going to snuggle and heal and do whatever it takes to GET OUT OF HERE! Cheetos first though! Love you all.
Thank you for being our prayer warriors and friends! 

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Jane Klingenberg said...

Oh, Mary, and sweet Ivy:

Praying so fervently for you all day today.

With much love,

Shay Ankerich said...

bless you ALL sweet friend! Praying for that little cheeto eating baby!!! XOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Where can I send the Princess some Cheetos? I NEVER want her to run out of those!

Even Miracles said...

Praying praying praying!! With love and HOPE
Ally @ Even Miracles

John & Michelle said...

Still praying in Athens, AL

Lesanne said...

As always, we're praying and praying with all of our hearts for your beautiful, sweet, little doll!
Sending prayers and get well hugs, Leslie and Julianna

Anonymous said...

Sweet Ivy! I'm praying for you. Love and healing sent to you RCA. Beth

Our Family said...

Prayers for your precious Ivy and your family. I do not know her but can tell she is truly an amazing little girl and a beautiful miracle. Rees family (Illinois)

Betty said...

Oh beautiful little girl! Keep on fighting. I can't believe that God would bring her this far and then not give her the strength to continue to fight!
Bless you sweet Ivy and all of your family...Hang in there little girl...

likeschocolate said...

She is a miracle a one of a kind. Praying for your baby!

J Tolman said...

Love you. Praying.

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