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Sunday, October 5, 2014

On the range

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Living every day like it is our last will be the way I live out my life. Thanks to difficult circumstances and times of clinging to God, waiting to see what His will would be, and holding on to the hope that it would involve making memories with 2 little girls here on earth. Well, we sure are making memories! And we sure are giving all the glory to our creator. 

Is't it amazing, all the beauty we have to explore and experience during our time on earth? And can you just imagine the magnitude of the real beauty we will see once we enter heaven?
Lexi speaks of heaven all the time. She tells me she can't wait to get there. Today, however, she experienced what she called a little heaven on earth. Her first solo ride! She was in control of her horse and she was beaming ear to ear. 

All saddled up and ready to ride!

                                   Heading to the woods

                                       And off she goes!! 
(yes, I am on a horse behind her. She laughed at me for almost 2 hours because Sunflower and I had a hard time keeping up with her.)

This little colt is only 3 months old

                 She and Ivy couldn't get enough of each other!

And to Ivy's complete delight, she was able to take a first time  pony ride, on a real horse, all by herself!

Tonight the girls are snuggled up in their bed dreaming of tomorrow. Ivy is needing oxygen, the altitude is too much for her and this trip was a test for that. Her cardiologist has wanted us to do a close by trip for a while now to see how she handled it, knowing we would be so close to home and flat ground. We came with lots of oxygen in tow. She hates it. She protests it. But we have been here long enough now that tonight I am seeing the need for it more and more. I am so thankful that this is only temporary and being attached to a cord is not the new norm. 

Earlier today, Lexi wished on a handful of dandelions. I asked her what she wished for. She said, I wished that I could watch the sun rise and watch the sun set with you mommy. Will you wake me up for it? Oh how sweet these girls are! Thank you Jesus for making us a family!

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Jane Klingenberg said...

Yes, "thank You, Jesus" for making them a family.

I love the look on Ivy's face riding the horse. A mixture of pure joy and absolute determination... that "set" little jaw. Love!!!

Jane Klingenberg

Anonymous said...

they are all miracles GOD BLESS CATHY IN ILLINOIS

Big Happy Family said...

Oh my goodness, what sweet pictures and love the two of them riding the horses. Thank God indeed for making your family. You are truly blessed.

Anonymous said...

SO very glad all is well and you are having fun!!! It is SO well deserved!!! ~Holly

Kacy Fletcher said...

Lovely photographs. Family is what matters most - you have given these beautiful girls a truly amazing life. Thanks for sharing

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