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Saturday, February 23, 2008

All Done!

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Over the past 3 months we have been doing what is called "The Paper Chase" What you collect through that time is called your Dossier. Yesterday our Dossier was sent off to Great Wall China Adoption Agency. They will translate it into Chinese and send it off to China. From there it will be logged in an we will have a LID or Log In Date. From there we can watch as referrals are sent out according to Log In Date. So what's in the "Dossier" your wondering? Well, we wrote a letter of intent to adopt telling all about ourselves and why we chose China, then we found a social worker and had a home study at our home for Bryan and I, then the kids individually, then Bryan alone at her office and then me alone at her office. Then we waited on 5 referrances to send the social worker their feelings on us and our parenting. Then our windows and doors, and gate had to be approved because of the pool and finally we had a completed home study. We sent out for TRUE copies of our Birth certificates and marriage liscense. We visited the doctors office for a full medical exam and then went to the lab for blood tests and so forth. We were fingerprinted and cleared by a US criminal background check and then we sent off our I600 and got fingerprinted again for immigration. Our accountant wrote up our income statements and financials and finally we recieved our I171-H saying we were cleared for international adoption. We took all these papers and had them notarized by a notary public, then we took them to the Secretary of State to be certified and then we sent them all to California to be Authenticated! We added our 10 lifestyle photos, pictures showing us, our family, our home and daily activities we enjoy. And THAT is our Dossier!
Heres a cute one for you.... The Chinese consulate will use those photos when we are in the "matching room". Yep they will look at the photos of Bryan and I and they will give us a child that looks like us :) Matching features and lifestyle. Now I guess I'll go for the lifestyle part, if your hobbies are reading and watching TV you get the sleepy not so active babies and if you enjoy hiking and skiing you get the active babies. But the looks one? That is just funny. Pin It

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