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Friday, February 15, 2008

Thank you!!

Pin It Our paperwork is currently all in California!! It is being Authenticated and will be overnighted back to us as soon as tomorrow. Sooo.. this means Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday) we will be sending everything off to our adoption agency Great Wall China Adoption.
Thank you Kristina for your call today! I spoke to my friend Kristina on the phone today, she lives in Alaska, brrrrrrrr... Kristina it was so nice hearing from you and I can not thank you enough for the incredibly uplifiting words and support you offered today as you learned about our adoption. You have no idea how much you Made My Day! Love you and your family. Always, Mary Pin It


trumbullrn said...

This is a wonderful Site. I am looking forward to watching through the window as you and Bryan come closer to having Lexi in your arms. You were definitely put on this earth to be a mother. Everyone can learn from you. Love you all, Kim

Paul & Retha said...

Paul & I will be praying that everything will go as God wants it during this adoption. We are so excited for you and look forward to seeing you chronicle your journey. God bless! Paul & Retha

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