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Friday, December 4, 2009

3 weeks of Joy

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We have had Lexi in our lives for 3 weeks now. It feels like she has always been ours. We have bonded so quickly and so beautifully. She always has an ear to ear grin for us even from the very minute she wakes up in the morning. She loves to play with her brother and steal his glasses. Seeing my little boy carry her around and be a big brother takes my breath away. She brings joy to whatever place she is at, whatever person is around. The other day we were in Costco and she was sitting in the cart with her big flffu cover on the cart seat and that big costco cart just swallowed her up. She just looked like a button in their. Anyway, I gave her a book that had buttons that played Christmas tunes and she pushed it and began swaying side to side and boppin to the music and this crowd of people just appeard out of nowhere and they were just cracking up at her. Well she saw that she had an audience so she started pushing new buttons and just jammin to the songs and getting all in to it and she was just smiling this huge cheesy grin. She had these people in tears laughing and she just loved the attention. It was just precious! She brings us Joy, so much Joy.
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