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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sleeping in my own room

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Lexi is sleeping in her own room now. She continues to have a few hours of waking and going back down in the wee hours of the night. She pants and shakes and her heart races. She cries out for me and once she hears me and feels my touch she is ok. I dont even have to pick her up, I just run in and put my hand on her. She will grab my hand and squeeze it as tight as she can and wimper back to sleep. Last night she did this for almost 2 hours. I continue to pray over her and wait for her to trust me enough to know that I will always be here. Tomorrow we go to the doctor for her first american check up. We will see if her ears have cleared up, where she is developmentally, what shots she will need, how much she weighs (I'm sure she's gained like 5 pounds since gotcha day!) and so on. The weather has gotten cold and it is super stormy tonight. We have the tree up and she just loves to go sit by it. Enjoy the pictures. Mary
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1 comment:

sweet momma luv u said...

Hope her Dr's check up is great and she is healthy as can be.

She is just so precious Mary!! I love her adorable leopard outfit!!

Glad to hear she is transitioning into her own room and that she is comforted by your touch. It really makes you wonder what they are going through and thinking in their precious minds..... I can't even imagine.

God has blessed you with such a miracle. Does she have SN's? I can't remember.

We got LOA last Friday!! Jon Jon is going to be ours soon!!


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