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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Look Who's Walking!!

Pin It On Wednesday night Lexi decided she was ready to try a few steps. And when we flashed few colorful m~n~m's, she moved a little quicker!! Now if we could just hurry and get her little feet fixed!
Oh and we had baby visitors so excuse the background noise :)

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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh my if this isn't the cutest stinkin video in all of God's creation...I don't know what is. Isn't it amazing how far along our little girls come once in a loving environment? Watch out...before you know it Lexi is going to be zipping through the house at warp speed :)
I hear M&M's work great when it is time to potty train as well...hmmm might have to try it:)

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