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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sick Again

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Well Little Miss Baby Cakes has been sick sick sick since last Friday. We are having a quiet week and she is doing much better. Can you believe she had Strep! She is finally eating a little today but I think she has given up the bottle. Yep, my doctor wanted me to keep her on it a while longer but she rejected it so much while it hurt to suck and swallow that now she is not wanting it at all. I am worried that I won't be able to get enough calories in her each day. She is a great eater meaning she will try anything but she doesnt eat large amounts. And she likes very low calorie things like veggies and soups. I am pushing cows milk, goats milk, formula, almond milk, just trying to get her to love one of them. She doesn't like anything cold so it's a little tricky. I think she is siding with the cow's milk and the almond milk. But still only taking a few ounces a day! She is back down to 16 pounds so I am spending my whole day just trying to stick food or milk in her mouth. Her throat should be feeling much better by Friday and I can not wait! I feel so bad for her. She makes the saddest face every time she swallows. We had physical therapy today with our new PT and she agreed that Lexi's feet should be seen by an Ortho. I don't remember if I have ever posted about her feet. We noticed that she has a great turn out when she began standing but her toes also fan way out. So her feet go outward as well as her toes and she puts every ounce of her weight on just the insides of her feet. It has got to be uncomfortable and it can not be good for her ankles either. So we are going to get a referral to go see an orthopedic doctor and perhaps get inserts for her shoes or special shoes. Darn!! All those 20 some odd pairs of shoes I have been waiting for her tiny size 2 feet to fit in to and we have to wear special ones??? Ahh man! Oh well, could be worse!
On a final note, Socks are done! If you won please privately email me your address.
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Poor little Lexi! I feel so terrible that she is not feeling well. Strep stinks so bad for an adult I can't even imagine for a little itty bitty cutie. You certainly have your hands full right now. It must be so hard making sure that Lexi is getting all the calories her little body needs. Halainah was sick for the first 4 months we were home. I thought it would never end. But through all of that she never lost her appetite. I think I would have gone crazy. And with all of this you still found time to get the socks done. You are one tough mama :) I'm gonna send you an e-mail privately but not sure if I have the right address. Let me know if you don't get it.
Sending tons and tons of prayers your way so that Lexi is feeling better and that your Ortho appointment goes well. Don't worry...Lexi will look so stinkin cute in her special made shoes if she needs them. She's such a cutie she can wear anything!

TanyaLea said...

Poor little Hunny. It is so hard for us mamas to see our little ones in pain. I know it breaks your heart. But I trust the medicine will have her feeling better soon and that she'll gain back her weight in no time. I'd be happy to donate some of mine for a good cause! ;)

We will also be praying for her feet to heal well...for wisdom and clear answers from her doctors. Keep us posted!

I sent you our address in one of our earlier emails... let me know if you still need it.

~ Tanya

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