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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

7 months ago we were on our way to Guangzhou

Pin It A flight we could not wait to get on!

You were all bundled up in your snowsuit.

Because Mommy and Daddy didn't want anyone to think

you might be anything less than super warm.

You were very patient through all of the waiting!

And your cute little face attracted lots of paparazzi

And Daddy was proud to pose with you for them.

You had no problem sleeping through the entire flight.

And you loved finally arriving to our room at
the White Swan Hotel. There were lots of fun things
waiting there for you!
We loved Guangzhou and all of the friends we made there. We loved meeting Jordan and Kenny especially. Both of them faithfully prayed for us while we awaited our referral for Lexi and while we were traveling back to Changsha. I will never forget the joy in both their faces when we showed up the next week, back in Guangzhou with her in our arms.
My most fantastic news for tonight..... Hua went home with her forever family last Monday!! She was adopted by an American couple whom I will forever love and give thanks for.

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The Hunt Family said...

Mary!! I am so glad to hear about that sweet baby girl being adopted!!! That is amazing news. Praise God... I'm so glad that he has such wonderful plans for each life.

Big Happy Family said...

I am sobbing my heart out!
God is so good.
Love you! J

Debbie Sauer said...

They just grow too fast! She is changing so much. Glad to hear the other baby is adopted, I'm sure you are also. Have a great summer. Blessings.

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