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Friday, November 19, 2010


Pin It Lexi's Gotcha Day celebration was so special! We made a big fuss over it because 1, well she's kind of a big deal... and 2, it was our First!
My friend Bonnie was in HengYang visiting Lexi's orphanage and seeing the city on this very day! She sent us pictures of the inside of Lexi's orphanage, the cribs and the nannies and the very person who brought Lexi to us exactly one year prior to this day! We are so blessed to have Bonnie in our lives. (And now baby Jane who is just about to turn 1 and is from HengYang)

~Now, Back to our celebration~

We went to Lunch (Chinese of course) all 7 of us!!
There were balloons~ 2 balloons, because Lexi is all about the number 2
And of course they were BLUE, because Lexi LOVES LOVES LOVES ~BLUE~
And she wore her Blue dress, it isn't all blue but she was happy with what it had, we don't own much blue.

And there were presents! Yep 2, hehe

Oh how she loves Kai Lan!!

A new scooter just like the big kids!

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE this baby girl?

There was cake!!! Kai Lan Cake! And since the ladies at the
restaurant think she is so precious, they insisted
that her cake have a candle! Lexi loves to blow out candles!

                                Check out that huge stream of spit!! It landed on the table but
                                we went ahead and cut from the other side of the cake, just sayin.

She would have gladly sat there all day just
lighting, blowing and re-lighting that candle!
I think we need to get those "trick" re-lighting
candles for her Birthday next month!

She was quite the sight both arriving and leaving the restaurant!

I'm not sure life gets much better than waking up next to the sweetest
man on the planet and then going down stairs to find this face
happily waiting for me in her crib, meanwhile being surrounded
by the most incredible, fun, helpful, delightful pre-teen and teenage
and 20 yr old kiddos on the planet! My cup overfloweth!!


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Canada to China and back! said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! You are truly blessed! I am loving the MJ dress :) Happy Forever Family day!


Virginia said...

Happy Lexi day!! Sounds like you are very blessed, indeed.

Gin =)

Big Happy Family said...

What cute pics...
She looked adorable, and she looks like she had a great time! You do have a wonderful family Mary, and they are all a joy to be with. Love you Lexi.

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