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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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Taking a snack break at the park.

The perfect ~ day after Halloween~ outfit!!!

Our weather can't make up it's mind!
We have cool one day and hot the next!

She LOVES watching people do yard work!!
Especially Daddy!

And this morning she was CERTAIN
there was a bird in this old bird house.

And regardless of me telling her otherwise,
she was sweet talking to the "bird" inside.

Saying Tickle Tickle as she put her finger in the
tiny hole of the ~empty~ bird house :)

I think this is when it "chirped" at her.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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Duchess of Lanier said...

Tickle, tickle, little bird... adorable!
Isn't it just the most wonderful thing to watch her explore!

Big Happy Family said...

She never fails to crack me up! If I were her I might be a bit disappointed that there was no birdie in that house!

DiJo said...

These photos are beautiful!!!

I hope your friends have their little girl! I look forward to seeing photos!!!

THANK YOU for your prayers for B! That Kit is amazing!!!!


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