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Friday, September 30, 2011

Ivy Timeline

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Our home study has been approved
Our I-800A has been mailed along with a letter from our cardiologist stressing urgency in hopes of moving us along quicker than normal
Now we wait
We have an Ivy update coming in a few weeks when a precious blog friend will be traveling to Hangzhou to get her beautiful Myah. She is taking a little care package to Ivy for us!! I can not wait to see how she is doing!
Then a little later in October there will be another group traveling to Ivy's orphanage, this time a group of doctors and nurses. They too will be checking on our girl for us. Not sure about pictures on that trip but I will get some needed details on her health to give to our cardiologist.

               Now for some Lexi Sweetness!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

SO SO SO thankful you will have updates on your angel in the coming weeks!!! Praying your get expedition!!! And that Lexi is darling!!!!! LOVE her!!! XOXO

Jerusha said...

Here from "nihaoy'all"! Your daughter is SO gorgeous! I noticed you mentioned Jennifer (on her way to get Myah)...she and I are friends in real life...knew each other in junior and high school. :)

Bonnie said...

Wow! If I gave reaal lipstick to Jane...I would have to magic eraser her!! Hurry Ivy!

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