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Thursday, September 22, 2011


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Oh so thankful!!


Below has nothing to do with the pictures of my sweeties above. I just needed to post it so I'm putting it here :)
While my little buddies Ruby and Sienna were here Ruby and I had the most precious conversation. I wanted to post it here right away because I knew everyone would get a kick out of it. Then I had second thoughts, thinking I would share it with Di first. And here we are 1 month later and not only has it not been posted, but I never had a chance to share it with Diana!! So here it is, the sweetest conversation with a 5 year old girl, once an orphan and now a hero!
Ruby~Miss Mary, I made you go get Lexi.
Me~ I'm sorry Ruby, you made me get Lexi? From where? I don't understand?
Ruby~ You see I was born in a very special way. When God made me, he made other mom's want to go to China to get babies just like me.
Me~ Well you are awful cute and very sweet, I bet you did make lots of moms want to go to China for a baby like you Ruby.
Ruby~ Yes I did! And Sienna made moms want to go get sisters!
Me~ Oh Ruby that's so great that people can see you and Sienna together and know that lots of sisters are waiting for families in China!
Ruby~ Yes
Me~ And Emme? What about Emme?
Ruby~ Oh God didn't do anything with her, we just wanted a baby sister!!

Out of the mouths of babes people!! She already knows she has a purpose! Created in His image wonderfully, beautifully made! PRECIOUS! Missing my Little R friends tonight. Thanks for the card Di, it made me cry.

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DiJo said...

Crying over here... Thank you for sharing this.... You got that card already.. Well there is one more going out today from two little girls that love you very much!!!!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh that is so sweet.

jennifer said...

THat is precious! Ruby sure made this mama want to go to China and adopt a little girl!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Out of the mouths of babies is SO true~ we can learn SO much from them can't we??? Precious convo and so thankful you shared!!! blessings and love!XOXO

Melody Lietzau said...

Love that and love her beautiful perspective. Too sweet.

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