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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Tiny Valentine Is Officially Ours!!!!!

Pin It Today, February 14th (Valentines Day) Ivy's adoption was finalized. How appropriate that God chose this day for our little heart baby to be officially ours!!!


She is making huge strides. Last night we got our first smile and today we had many smiles but she is still so so very scared. When she gives us a grin, a smile or a tiny giggle it is still done with such reserve. She squeezes her face and doesn't really let it all out. She is really not sure what is going on yet. She does love her mama, I will tell you that. She keeps her body so very close to mine and just molds to me when she is scared. New environments really get her worried but once she see's we are ok she relaxes very quickly. I don't think she has ever been anywhere and I am certain she was not allowed to have much activity whatsoever. This in fact has saved her life. I learned this tonight but I will get to that later.


Back to how much she loves her mama..... she gives me kisses, voluntarily!!! She just leans over to me and comes in for a kiss. It is the sweetest thing ever!! Its random and it's often!!! It just melts me every time!!!!


Ok off my mommy high! Tonight I decided I wanted to see if I could get her to walk a little. I know her legs are strong, her balance is terrific, her fine motor skills are amazing, but she will not stay in standing position. So I took her in the hall and made a game of it. She was having no part of it at first so I had Emily pretend she was taking steps to me and tried to get Ivy a little interested in coming with us. Finally, she got up holding my finger and walked down the hall with us. She went down passed about 7 or 8 rooms and I could hear her breathing louder and louder. Her little heart was racing and she was absolutely exhausted. We will not be doing any more walking until after surgery!!!! Her orphanage has definitely done a wonderful job of caring for her and I am so grateful!!!


She will sit and play with her stacking cups for hours. She will sit and eat cheerios for hours. In fact she will sit and eat anything for hours. The girl can eat!! She only likes soft things (besides cheerios) but she never stops eating! She loves the little yogurt drinks they sell here. Her orphanage said she drank 1 during the day, and every day before bed. Well, today she had 4!!! along with congee, bananas, milk, sweet potatoes, bread, hot cereal, french fries and lots and lots of cheerios!!!


Night time is her most comfortable time. She loves to play in the room and becomes more cheerful and comfortable at that time. And since it is night time here now, I've got a little girl to go play with. Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Curt, Pam, Ryan and Carissa said...

She is seriously one of the most beautiful little girls. Praying for more wonderful bonding moments.

jennifer said...

She is absolutely precious! What a blessing that she is already in love with her mama!! Praying for her sweet heart.

Sophie said...

She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations!

Georgea's Mommy said...

Oh my!! She is so precious Mary, I can't even stand it!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
Love to all,

Paige said...

Praying for her sweet heart! She looks so much like Lexi in the last pic, too sweet!

Jami Lynn said...

Hi Mary! your daughter is just beautiful! I think you mentioned one of your daughters is from hengyang...that is where our daughter (home 2 months)is from! As I was reading your blog I found myself nodding my head to a lot of what your wrote concerning your daughters likes and dislikes! Our Sophia STILL would let me put layer upon layer of clothin on her if I let her. And in China she ate and ate and ate! All day long! I was amazed she didn't get sick! Well enjoy the rest of your trip, it's been fun watching your journey!
Jami--BAAS yahoo group

Sharon Ankerich said...

Oh my Mary~ that little pout face looks SO much like SJ~ precious precious!!! What a wonderful blessing!!! XO

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