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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Pin It Her Oxygen Saturation is in the 70's. From the 40's to the 70's is good but we really want to see 80's. She is getting the maximum oxygen we can give her and it i on 24/7 unless she gets sneaky and pulls it out of her nose..... so maybe 23.9/7

She slept until 1pm yesterday. Yes you read that right. And No she did not wake on her own, I just missed her too much and woke her up! She had gone to bed at 9 ish the night before.

We had our home oxygen device and portable oxygen delivered yesterday. The respiratory therapist that delivered it could not have been a more kind, gentle, sweet man! He moved Ivy's pulse ox probe from her foot to her finger and she didn't even cry!! This is a shocker because Ivy doesn't like ANYTHING on her hands or feet but clothes and shoes! At the hospital she carried on for 15 minutes because they put the hospital bracelet on her! And all the bracelets I have made her, HA HA, she will NOT wear them!! I wanted the probe on her finger because the one on her foot made it painful for her to walk. She is much happier with the new location!! And our respiratory therapist was fascinated with our little champion! He was in awe of the fact that he was witnessing an unprepared TGA, PS, Large VSD patient and able to give us the equipment we needed to get  our little sweetie stronger!! We have been so blessed by an excellent team of help for Ivy Joy! Have I mentioned how much I love our Cardiologist and the team at Phoenix Children's?? LOVE Dr. Pophal!!!!! He is more than an excellent Doctor, he is a Good Man!! He loves what he does and told us Thank You, for allowing him to help our daughter. But before that, he told us thank you, for giving Ivy hope! Yes baby girl, there is so much Hope for You!!!! You are a miracle, and we are just here to love on you as God does his work and shows off a bit! He loves you and will never forsake you!! We are so blessed to be here in the stands cheering you both on!!

Anyway, we have this unit now that makes it's own oxygen so outside of our little portable tanks, no big tanks to replace anymore. This unit is big and heavy and sounds like a MONSTER!!! When Ivy is up she has the unit upstairs and when she sleeps I have to take it down stairs! Did I mention its heavy, big, awkward? Up in the morning, down for nap, back up after nap, back down for bed, start over..
But... it has a really long tube so when she is awake she can play and move about and she is not so limited. Oh yes she tangles up very quickly, it's almost like she finds joy in watching me untangle her cords ha ha. I was worried about the girls not being able to sleep with the monster in the room. I was especially worried about them being afraid of the noise it makes. If you have never heard one, picture a big monster breathing in and spitting out. Now multiply the sound by say...100? Yep, that's the sound! IT is 7:45am and they are both sleeping soundly with the monster in the room! Thank you Jesus, I do not deserve the gifts and mercy you give me daily,... hourly.. but I give you thanks and praise for all of them!!

We bought her a walker yesterday just to give her more options for less stressful play and she is a maniac in that thing!!! She has definitely spent time in a walker before!!

Pictures.... I know, you all want pictures of the littles together. Well you see its really hard to get the 2 of them together and photographed at the same time... We have so much to juggle with all these cords and all this craziness. I am just finishing the unpacking this morning!!! I have not cooked dinner since we have been home (I know it's only been 2 days but still!) So today I am going to try really hard to get them to look at the camera at the same time and get a few cute pictures. I won't care if they are both smiling, only that they look at me at the same time and my camera settings are right. For now, here are the last few I took on our last night in China. The lighting was dark and dreary at the White Swan for our Red Couch photos!!

And here are the errors..... wrong settings.... Bad timing..... Yes they speak for themselves ha ha... 



update~ Ivy woke up at 8am today!!!
Questions you asked,
Karen, they are all different brands. Happy to share specifics if you let me know the outfits your referring to.
Michelle, the black sweater is from the Gap.
Pam, I FORGOT TO MAIL THE NECKLACE BEFORE I LEFT!!! Im so sorry!! Its going out in the morning!!! 

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Mom2Six said...

So glad to see your little one home saf and sound! I can't want to see her looking as tan as her sister.

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

such precious photos. So glad she is getting the help she needs, and glad the 'monster' is not keeping them up, but that the sound is something they get used to hearing. My mother in law had one in the home and you get so used to the sound that when you no longer need it, the silence is so quite! LOL

Curt, Pam, Ryan and Carissa said...

They are both so precious!! Don't make an extra effort for the necklace. Just whenever you are out and about and have time. Your first priority is your new little one.

Paige said...

Even the fuzzy pics are wonderful, they are precious together!!

John & Michelle said...

Thanks for the sweater info Mary! I'd love to get our Piper a carseat cover in that hot pink your girl have! Thanks for sharing!
Loving your Ivy from Alabama,

Kristi said...

love the pics - especially the one of Lexi kissing the back of Ivy's head! Continued prayers for Ivy!

Debbie Sauer said...

Precious little girls! Blessings

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

So so precious! I love the pictures of Lexi aand Ivy! They look as those they already have a great relationship, and that picture of Lexi kissing Ms. Ivy..melt my heart!

Our Lord is AMAZING. She is truly a little miracle baby!
Still praying for Ivy's oxy to go up and that the Lord prepares her heart and the surgeons hands for her upcoming surgery!

Melody Lietzau said...

This post brought back so many memories for me. I laughed about the big monster. It is so huge and loud. I thought I was never gonna have pictures of hannah with out oxygen so we would take it off for like a family photo and then tape it back on :) we only had it two months but it felt like forever. I love what you said about God using her he sure is. keep us updated we are praying for this next chapter. Love seeing the girls together.

DiJo said...

Hey! They are both on the same bed, and the same chair!! I think that is a victory with all you have going on!!!! So thankful that you are feeling at peace with Ivy's Doctor, and the team caring for you so far!!! She is precious, and Lexi is a rock star!!!

I am SO SORRY I can't bring you a meal or three!!!

Love you,

jennifer said...

I am so glad she's doing so well!!! It looks like Lexi is doing good too! It definitely took Wesleigh a while to adjust. And I've pretty much given up on the picture thing! The only cute pics I can get of the 2 of them is when they hug. Otherwise, they just make me mad!! :) lol...

Virginia said...

Welcome home! These photos are absolutely precious. LOVE the one of them both asleep in their carseats, so sweet and it just looks so "right".

Gin =)

Anonymous said...

Tears flooded my eyes as I read and looked through the precious photos. God is good and so amazing. Your sweet family exudes the love of Christ and I can't wait to meet your new precious member of your family and our family in Christ!!! :) praying always! Love Yvonne

Sharon Ankerich said...

OH how it blesses my heart to see those two babies together!!! They are PRECIOUS!!! Praying that her O gets better and better!!! we got very sad news today but praying God's will all the same. XOXO

Jane Klingenberg said...

Praying for Ivy Joy's tests today!


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