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Friday, March 23, 2012

Miracle of the moment

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Every day is another miracle, but today, today the miracles were to be made note of. Today I give thanks for the miracle of tomorrow.
You see I have been thanking God for every day with my new daughter. And while I have asked him for so many things throughout my lifetime, I have learned that God is in control and He always does what He knows to be best. And I give thanks to Him for that and try so hard to leave my worries at his feet. I really have focused my prayer life on giving thanks rather than asking. Because really, there is so much more to be thankful for than there is to ask for. And so today, after this very hard week, when my mind really pictured the doctors not letting Ivy come home today due to her ridiculous o2s's, not eating much of anything for several days and the problem we have been having with her keeping her cannula in. Her last 2 days  before this big surgery, spent in the hospital hooked to IV and wires, the thought of this absolutely broke my heart.
She woke up this morning with very swollen eyes, she would not eat anything. I got her ready, and Bryan took her in early for her appointment. He did not even put the oxygen on her for the ride to the hospital because as soon as she is in that carseat she will peel that thing right off!! 
She munched on goldfish and cereal and water on the way there. She was wonderful for her 4 vials of blood being taken, her chest x-ray, her nose swab, her EKG! HER OXYGEN SATURATION WAS 52 OFF OXYGEN!! Did you hear that???? This child can no longer get above 50 with oxygen and she was 52 without?? (I realize this is scary low but this is Ivy we are talking about..) She finished up, they sent home new tape for her cannula in hopes that it will be too hard for her to pick off, a new cannula that might be more comfortable although a bit bulkier, and that's it! On the way home she ate more cereal and goldfish! Tonight we went for a long bike ride and watched the sun set. It was absolutely beautiful. Almost as beautiful as the little miracle in my bike seat!!! Chatting all the way! Oh I wish you could hear her! Anytime someone walked or jogged near us she would shout Hi ! and wave! She sang songs made up of all her new words, RyRy bye bye Wow iwuyou out up fower tree dog what (she says what because she says mama over and over and i say what over and over :), more people pass us, more shouts of Hi !! Don't anyone think of passing us without saying Hi, Ivy will say Hi to you until you say Hi back! Then she politely waves her cutest side to side wave and says Bye Bye! She went to bed tonight with her new cannula still in, new tape still on tight! Her tummy was full. My sweet baby girl ate a whole bowl of oatmeal and a whole yogurt and a little spinach. 
Thank you God for today and tomorrow and forever! Thank you for Ivy, for her life. For whatever life you choose for her. She is Your Miracle. I'm just so lucky to be her mom!
FYI~ almost forgot, there was no talk of a new valve (smaller size) donated. We did not see the doctor that would have discussed this with us today so there is still a chance that they have one. We just don't know yet. Honestly though, God can use anything!! Like my little Lexi tells me many times every day, It's Just Ok Mommy! Yep, God's Got it! It's Just Ok!

Pictures just for fun!!

 First Princess Birthday Party for both girls! Thank you Claire and Chase for the fun time!!!

                             Looking for chocolate! None here
                                       Watching sister bounce.

                   Hello Pup! You look beautiful!

Once orphans, 
now daughters, sisters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, friends! My heart swells for these girls! I can not imagine not having been called, not having answered, not having them! 

               Forever Sisters!!!! Forever Loved!!
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Catherine said...

Wow!!! Praising God for that AMAZING (for Ivy) O2 level!! Woo hoo!!

Praying for you as you share this weekend and prepare for Monday's surgery.

Trusting Him. And...praying for a small valve!

Jennifer P said...

Oh Mary! 52 off O2? Thank you, Lord for answered prayers giving Ivy this weekend to be herself, to be loved by her family at HOME. I'm sorry this week has been so hard. I keep thinking about Ivy or any of our heart kids and what would "be" if they were still in China. Loving Ivy and your posts and you. Be blessed.

Teachn18 said...

Such a beautifully written post! Thank you Lord for answered prayers. I continue to lift sweet Ivy and the entire family up in prayer.

It's so wonderful you all get to spend this weekend together. She is a miracle... beautifully and wonderfully made by our father.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mom Of Many said...

Hi Mary,
A friend sent me your blog because we just moved to Phoenix. I can't tell if you live here in PHX or are just at the hospital for surgery. Either way, we are no strangers to PHX Children's as our daughter has been had 4 brain surgeries there since we landed in the states with her {from Uganda} in November.

I wanted to tell you that I would be happy to help in any way. My email is: Even though I don't know you, I definitely know what it's like to have a little one in the hospital for serious stuff...and a boatload of kids at home.

Our family will be praying for your little Ivy.
Blessings from a fellow adoptive mom, Linny

Melody Lietzau said...

Thank you so much Mary for this update. You have all been in our prayers. Yeah for better 02 stats and better eating. Praying when they go in for surgery that The doctors are blown away by the progress Ivy is makig and that she continues to amaze them each and every day. love ya

DiJo said...

This is such a beautiful post filled with answered prayers for your precious little baby girl!!!! I am so thankful you have this sweet time with her.. And, so thankful you put Lexi first and sent her off for her special day... You are a wonderful, un-selfish Mama!!!!

Praying for God's healing hands and protection for Ivy!


Paige said...

I am still praying for that perfect sized valve!!!!

Lori Sloan said...

I found your blog through someone else and I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for your family.


Faith, Hope, and Love said...


What a precious, precious post! I could truly see God's goodness. Praising Him!!

Love and blessings,

Laine said...

Praying praying praying tomorrow!
From another adoptive heart baby mom...

Virginia said...

Tears~. Beautiful post, beautiful sisters..and 52 OFF oxygen is BIG for your Ivy. But then, we have a big God, don't we.

Gin =)

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