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Saturday, May 19, 2012

cardiology update

Pin It  Ivy's cardiology visit was Thursday. She had no weight gain, and since she was fully dressed this time, I think it is probably likely that she lost a few ounces. She has been eating really well, getting lots of calories, but still no gain. Her cardiologist feels she really needs fat to get her to gain, and he has a gut feeling that our special girl is again about to stun the doctors and her parents. She just seems to like surprising people :) It is not normal that a baby who has had the surgery she had and the length of time on ECMO and all the times she was intubated get off the feeding tube so soon. 70% of the kids with complicated cases like hers are tube fed for 4-6 months minimum. Ivy was eating before we left the hospital. She doesn't have a great deal of energy (this too is normal based on what she has endured), she has to be bribed with chocolate to get her to travel in any way, but she is full of surprises when it comes to her eating. Her echo revealed that she is nice and dry.. so they decided to put her on a 2 week trial. Up to 25 grams of fat until next Thursday, then UNLIMITED fat until the following Thursday! She will then have another chest X-ray and we will see right away if there is fluid around the lungs or not. If there is, then they will give her medication to counteract the effects of the short term fat introduction. If there is not then baby girl is free to eat whatever she wants!!! Either way, the next 2 weeks are ours to run with. And let me just say, Ivy has not stopped eating!!  It's her favorite activity!

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                           Enough sweetness to last a lifetime!

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K said...

Yay! I hope all goes well with this dietary trial.

Paige said...

Such great news. We will be praying for NO FLUID!

Luciana said...

I love them! So sweet. I'm sure baby girl will stun everyone once again.

Rachel said...

Great news! I pray she continues to surprise everyone in all the best ways!

johnjohntwo said...

Momma, we are all aware of who is introducing
the Miracles ... You and Ivy are just supplying the Hands. How Great is that ! ! !

I'd love to meet this very special little person some day. Perhaps when she sits with eight of her friends on the Bench at the Supreme Court of the United States !


Maggie said...

Ivy is a miracle in so many ways...I love seeing her pink! I will keep praying.


Carmen said...

With Maggie - I love seeing those pink fingers and toes. Ivy will go from tiny to super in no time. She knows God has blessed her with the most amazing family and she can do all through Him who gives this family the strength.

Lynette said...

Love the photo of Ivy with the kisses...and the of course the sisterly kisses. Hoping and praying for her weight gain. Popped by to see an update of how you are all doing. Just in case you dont recall me, we are adopting as well, and travel this summer to China. I have been following along, and am so happy to see your family blossoming.

Big Happy Family said...

I am so happy that Ivy is doing so well, and so happy to hear that she can eat some goodies like Ice cream soon!
Thanks for sharing Brady this weekend.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

So thrilled to hear that she is doing so well. Miss Ivy is definitely a fighter. She is a strong and resilient little lady. What a joy it is to see her living her life...... love watching her play with her sister. You are right, that is enough cuteness to last a lifetime.

Have a wonderful week Mary~



PS. Love the Red Threads outfits;)

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