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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ivy Joy is 2

Pin It                            It was a perfect day!!!

The special cupcake was a big hit! She enjoyed taking it apart with her fork later in the day.


After cupcake pictures it was off to swim!

                The hot tub was the place to be! 

She could barely keep her eyes open towards the end of her swimming floating time, but she was so happy in the water so we just let her go at it as long as she wanted! 

 Back inside it was time to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes. Chocolate for Lexi!
                                                     Pink for Claire!
 Same old pink one for Ivy! In the end I realized that I probably could have gotten her a regular cupcake because really, none of it was eaten. It looked like she was taking some big bites in the first pictures but she didn't even dent it. And here, she is just making a huge mess with her fork :)

 Terrified of the adorable piggy bank she got! This girl just cracks me up! 

Tuckered out and ready for someone to move her to her bed! She napped until 7pm and still went down for the night at 9. She then woke up at 9:30 this morning, ate breakfast and fell back to sleep in Rylee's arms where she slept for over an hour. Her little swim part wore her out!!

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