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Saturday, February 9, 2013


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Im so glad I'm not with you and all your snow this weekend! 
I'm just so glad to be here. In this place, on this day at this moment! Embracing every good thing  every new thing every beautiful thing!

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Anonymous said...

I am so Happy for your family. Glad You are not in Boston. You have had enough stress!

Paige said...

I just saw an article on the snow in Boston and thought of you and how thankful I am that you don't have to be there now:)

catsage_2000 said...

The last picture is awesome, so precious.

catsage_2000 said...

The last picture is awesome, so precious.

Wendy said...

Mary, I was actually thinking of Ivy today as I strolled around our neighborhood(N/W of Boston). As I watched my own kids giggling and playing in the snow, I thought of Ivy and how amazing it is that she is well enough to play in snow, too. I thought how I should send her a photo because I'm sure she has never seen 30 inches of snow on the ground. I thought of all the new things she could do and experience now that she is back home but today in the peaceful beauty that followed the storm, I was thinking about how she's touched my heart and how thankful I am that she is doing so well...and how she's missed in Boston.

jennifer said...

I'm so happy you are home!! I know you must be soaking every moment up!!!

John G. said...

Oh Mary! We only had 36". The worst storm in our history. We have had the craziest weather the past couple of years. I will be glad when it is gone and spring is here. Had to pick on you, cause you had somewhere warmer to run. :)

So happy to hear Ivy is doing well. Music to my ears.

Blessings she continues to heal.

Love and Hugs from snowed in CT.

Anonymous said...

So, so happy that all is well. That picture of Ivy and Lexi is super sweet!! ~Holly (RI)

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