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Friday, April 26, 2013

Freaky Friday and a Super Sweet Weekend fundraiser for Ivy

Pin It If you love the pettiskirts you see my girls wearing on the infamous tandem trike and the other photo below... You won't want to miss out on this incredibly sweet fundraiser my sweet friend Kimberley is doing for Ivy this weekend only. 

FUNDRAISER FOR IVY JOY THIS WEEKEND :) 50% of the total for all hair items will be donated. 30% of all pettiskirt and clothing items sold will be donated. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
This includes any items sold here on the facebook page.
Any items sold at the main website:
And any items sold at our Facebook Page:
And any items sold at our Etsy site:

And back to the happenings here with tiny miss!
We are still here... in the hospital.. bleh

It's hard sometimes, finding joy in all circumstances. Listening to your adorable toddler tell you she wants to go home and wondering what she really thinks of you for keeping her here day in and day out. 

But life is hard. And we have chosen to make the best of every circumstance we are handed. And even though it is hard, it is so much easier when you cherish every single moment, no matter where the moment is. And you all know the beautiful saying, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away....
Well this little darling takes my breath away!

My husband takes my breath away! Juggling all that he is all with love and grace and loving me from the depths of his soul in the midst of it all!

My big kids take my breath away! They have handled this year with such grace! 


Goodness..... I need to catch my breath! :)

Honestly, you may think you should feel bad for us because we have had a really ROUGH year.... But we are so richly blessed, so in love, so loved, so humbled that God would trust us with such a difficult path and a hard hard year. Trust us.... just a couple of regular folks... with so much!
Every day, we have an opportunity to sulk in our sorrows.. But what sorrow? We are given a chance, a choice, a wonderful opportunity to let God shine through even troubling times. And shine He has!

We were blessed this morning with a nurse who introduced herself by saying that she prayed for the right assignment (child to care for) today and when she arrived it was Ivy. She shared that Ivy's blog is on her phone and that she goes to our church! Only God! How sweet He is! JOY

We have been so blessed by the sweet nurses caring for us these past 2 weeks. I was sharing last night with my nurse, after she asked why on earth we were here. I shared that 90% of our care comes from our nurses and we know they love Ivy to pieces. They are so excellent with her care and with their huge hearts for her special unfortunate circumstances. They know whats going on, they get it, and they care.  JOY

We had a visitor with french frie's in hand this morning, we have 2 little visitors coming later, one with a special heart of her own and then tomorrow, Bryan and Lexi will join us for the rest of the weekend. So much joy to be found in the love we are surrounded with. 

Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely going stir crazy in here.... (sorry I snapped at you on the phone babe), but I feel calm and peace in knowing how close we are to getting out. And I am well aware that things are just going to get even more crazy as we head towards the road to transplant using a different state than we live in...
But God will equip us once again!

Why we are still here~
Ivy's sodium has been dangerously low so we were held back a few more days in hopes of getting that in line. We have fluid restrictions and she is back on her smart water so we are hopeful it will go up soon. The girl with her fries and chips and all that salty food...... Go Figure :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

1 corinthians 13:13 

and now these three things remain: faith, 

hope, and love. But the greatest of these

is love.

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Jen said...

I have been keeping your sweet family in my prayers. May all go as God has planned. God bless you all, and especially that darling baby of yours.

Sarah Lynn said...

God bless you all. I appreciate the updates so much. Thank you.

Jennifer P said...

You've found beauty in the trials. That is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the update. Praying for home soon. When the heart comes, how will you get to Stanford? Do you have a certain amount of time?

anne said...

you write so beautifully....thank you for sharing your story with us.

prayers for you all...

Jane Klingenberg said...

Praying with love for you.

Jane and Sadie

deborah said...

Those petties are to die for and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the frufru fluffy socks you put on your girls. Could I ask where you find those?

Danadjc1715 said...

I found this blog Wednesday or Thursday night- I love reading blogs and hadn't read a good one in a while and looked up "blogspot blogs about life" so many were listed- id click on, read a little, then click back- then clicked on this blog and saw those two BEAUTIFUL children (everyone who knows me knows of my love for little Asian babies- I tell my 17yr old 15 yr old often to marry an Asian because I want those beautiful grand babies lol) I started reading and couldn't stop- and I've been reading all this weekend. I've read it all. I've laughed, I've cried, I've truly felt for your family all weekend. You guys have such a beautiful family and God is clearly watching and guiding all of you. I pray for your family, I want you all to succeed in everything that gets thrown to you. I can't wait to read on later, when you update every few days or so. My children and I will also be praying for you guys at night, bless you all!
- Dana Jordan and Cassidy

Lisa said...

Amen, Mary, Amen. Love that faith-filled heart of yours:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary, my daughter, Grace, adopted from China 2003 has been praying fervently for Ivy Joy for many months. She would like to show pictures of Ivy to her 5th grade class. They too have been praying for her. my e-mail is: Thank you for this. I know how busy you are so if this is too much for you right now we understand. Love & always prayers, Lou Anne & Grace Conrad. p.s. have been following your blog ever since Ivy came home.

Paula said...

Sending hugs and hoping everything is alright. The Facebook page is no longer public and can't be accessed unless one logs in so I'm unable to check in and see how things are going as I don't have a Facebook account. Daily prayers and positive thoughts continue to be sent your way!

Danadjc1715 said...

I really do wish I knew your family was all ok- I have only been reading this blog for the last couple of weeks but I think about all of you daily- and I check this blog for any changes- I

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Ivy Joy from the Ditmars Family!

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