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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dear Daddy, it's me, Lexi

Pin It We miss you!
We are having lots of fun on our special trip and wanted you to see us in action here! It is soooo green!!! And there is so much to do outdoors! We wish you were here!

When we arrived the big boys were ready to have a tea party with us!
 They made Ivy feel very comfortable and, well, you can tell by the look on there faces how they were feeling about her!
Ivy caught her first fish! Timmy is our best buddy!

 We went to the lake for the first time and all these boys were so kind helping us bait our hooks.
 We went on a boat ride, on a kayak and we were pulled in a tube across the lake. I was so brave daddy! We went super fast and I kept putting my thumb up to go faster and faster!

         We really really like the lake daddy!

We were putting our feet in the water off the dock but Ivy's little legs just weren't long enough! 

 I went surfing on this giant surf board. Well, sort of. I had my own driver and there weren't really many waves. See me way out there in the middle of the lake with Daniel?
 I caught the most giant bass in the lake! It was HUGE!! The boys had to help me get it up on the dock because it was about to break my tiny pink fishing pole. I was so proud of my big catch!

Ivy has been such a good girl too daddy! She loves her little breaks to go outside without oxygen and she goes all day without a nap and doesn't even get fussy! 
          Look daddy! My toes reach the water!  

Ivy has been her usual good eater and I have been my usual 2 bites and I'm done. But I have a surprise for you... Last night I took 3 bites of chicken!!!! It was good but I'm still full from it so I don't want to try it again.
Cassidy went to see Taylor Swift last week. She had lots of fun!!!
I am practicing my golf... but sorry daddy, it's really not my sport. 
 Ivy is trying to learn to swim! She is very comfortable in the water here!
Having a friend my age to play with is super fun! 

             Here we are on our way to the frog pond!

                   I wasn't one bit afraid of the frog we caught! 

Mr Wonderful gets mommy starbucks every morning daddy! Just like you when you are home! 

Here's another fish I caught from the pond!

    Here's Ivy in her baseball hat! Isn't she adorable?

Ivy drove the boat with Mr and Mrs Wonderful but she didn't like the life jacket.

The 3 of us little girls have been matching almost every day! Mommy thinks we are the cutest threesome on the planet!

 Even though we don't stand still long enough to get a good picture of the 3 of us!

Today we went raspberry picking in the rain! It was so fun! We wore rain boots and filled our buckets with 6 pounds of raspberries! We have had so much fun in the cooler weather with our friends! And guess what daddy? Tomorrow we are coming home!!!!!!! We miss you like crazy cakes! See you tomorrow night daddy!!!!

Love Lexi

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Paige said...

MARY!!! Ivy's arms look chubby whoo hoooo!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I want that blue striped swimsuit with pink buttons in adult size. So adorable. Glad you had fun at the lake!

dawn said...

Dear Lexi,
You write the sweetest letters to your daddy.
I think he missed you and Ivy so so much.

Oh my gosh what gorgeous gorgeous girls. what a sweet post Mary all happy and fun. Woot woot.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find those adorable swimsuits?

Aus said...

Outstanding - simply outstanding!

hugs - aus and co.

Jane Klingenberg said...

Sigh. Love it!


J Tolman said...

It is wonderful to see those smiles! :)

likeschocolate said...

Love all the matching outfits! Glad you had a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

The three pics of Ivy holding that
frog just made my day. She looked like she wasn't too sure about that
thing!!...What a gorgeous location and I was so impressed by the young men who showed and demonstrated so much love to the little girls.
Thanks for sharing.

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