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Monday, July 1, 2013

Pray like you believe!

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People often say, If I saw a miracle I would believe. But the bible says, unless you believe, you will not see miracles.

Tomorrow morning at 7am, Our friend Teresa will come off of ECMO and receive a Berlin Heart. Her Pulmonary Hypertension needs to be low enough. Her bleeding needs to be under control. Her lungs need to be clear. 

Do you believe in miracles? 

Remember this??

Then will you please pray with me. At the time you read this and every hour on the hour after?

For God to continue His miracles in her. For her family to be at ease. For God to breath life in to her little body and give her mama more time to hold her baby and tell her how much she loves her. For her sisters and brothers to be able to hear her laugh again. For her daddy to be able look his little girl in the eyes and tell her he will move earth for her today and forever! 

Remember when the doctors in Boston told us that Ivy had a 20% chance of surviving her surgery in October? And how they told us that there is no rhyme or reason that a child in her condition with that right coronary artery sewn closed should have been able to come off ECMO? But she did. Not by luck. Not by science. Nothing changed. She came off by the grace of God. 

Miracles still happen. 

We just pass them off as coincidence, luck, and science now. But miracle it was. 

And we are expecting the same for Teresa tomorrow. 

We moms with the bond of adoption share a very special place in each others hearts. And these moms with broken heart kiddos... we carry such burden for each other. My heart has ached for this mama so terribly the past 2 weeks. And for Teresa. Because I have walked in these shoes. And I know the pain. And it all comes back in such a painful way. And realizing that our daughter could very well be in these shoes again.  Doesn't make it easier.

You all came out of ever country, every city, every state around the world and you stormed the gates of heaven on Ivy's behalf! 

Teresa's mommy has asked me to call out for help from all of you here.

Rally the troops, gather together AND PRAY! 

If you already follow them and I know many of you are already praying, my prayer tonight is that all of the energy that has been put in to stalking facebook and blogs for updates and news of any kind, is stopped and replaced with prayer. Put your focus on deep, intentional prayer. Never mind what time it is. Never mind if you have not heard any news in a while, if several hours have gone by and there is no word. 
EXPECT a MIRACLE and pray like you BELIEVE!
From the depth of my soul,
Thank you!!
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snekcip said...

Claiming that MIRACLE for Teresa. I BELIEVE in my heart that a complete and full healing is on the way. PRAYING..UPLIFTING and CELEBRATING TERESA'S LIFE.

DiJo said...

Standing in the gap for Teresa Mary!


Kelly said...

Praying without ceasing!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your little one!

Karen Meehan, Jason Rozman 'saunt

Shay Ankerich said...

I am PRAYING with you for Teresa and FOR you and Ivy Joy. God IS the miracle maker! I BELIEVE!!!! Blessings and love! XO

Dani Sharron said...

Praying for Teresa and her family!!

Dani Sharron said...

Flooding Heaven with prayers for Teresa and her family.

Jane said...

I have been praying in TX and will continue - on the hour.

Grandma of a precious China girl.

Melanie said...

Praying for sweet Teresa!!

Kathy said...

God is good. Sending praying for Teresa.

a portland granny said...

Have been praying without ceasing for this sweet child!!

Precious, precious little darling, so loved, and such blessings--May we all be strengthened in our walk with the Lord, as we lean heavily upon Him for little Teresa!


Jane Klingenberg said...

Praying for Teresa.... I believe in miracles, too!

With love and a hug,

Anonymous said...

Thanks , Mary,been praying for Teresa,too!! she needs ALL the prayers she can get!! God love her!! Cathy in Illinois!!

Anonymous said...

Praying in Georgia!!

Mom of Fab Five

Our Journey to Grace and Olivia said...

I wept and prayed for this precious little girl....and will continue to storm the gates of heaven and believe!

Jo said...

Praying fervently for sweet Teresa ~ I believe in miracles!


John & Michelle said...

Praying in Athens, AL!!!

Kristi said...

My heart aches for this family. I know that Teresa has been perfectly healed but her family must be so incredibly sad without her.

Sophie said...

Miracles do happen and faith moves mountains!!
Praying for a miraculous healing for precious Teresa!!

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