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Saturday, October 31, 2009

9 hrs on a plane going no where

Pin It Well we got on our plane! Yep we did, but we are still sitting in it and it hasn't moved. We got to the airport at 6 ish am. It is currenty 4pm and yep, still waiting. Everyone is in very good spirits, we know we will land before 10am when Lexi gets off her train. God has been so good to us and we will not complain. At least we know our plane will be safe when it finally does take off. We are running out of things to talk about and do so I think it is time for me to show my new friends and chinese passengers my E.T impression! 13 hours til we have Lexi! Pin It


sweet momma luv u said...

Seriously??!!! 9 hours. Oh my goodness. I hope the bathrooms work and they have food for you guys. That is a long time. It will be so worth it though when you have your girl in your arms! SOON.....

Can't wait for you.

KeithJonesBlog said...

I think our small group needs to see the ET impression when you guys get home.

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