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Friday, October 16, 2009

Lexi's Room

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Lexi's room is almost fnished! She still needs a chair for us to sit and read books or just cuddle in. It should be here before we leave. The girls also want to put a little table for her to sit at and have a tea party but that is something we can do for Christmas! Ahhh a little one for Christmas! FUN FUN FUN! Everthing is already going to be a first for her... but can you imagine the wonder and ahh she will have when she see's the lights and the festivities of Christmas? Can't wait to see everything throug Lexi's eyes. Now the room! Pin It

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TanyaLea said...

Just the mere THOUGHT of her being there and experiencing those first wonders of Christmas with your family completely choked me up! I have tears of joy for you, my friend!! :)

And her room is BEAUTIFUL! Fit for a princess, indeed!! I'm not sure which feature I like the best...there are so many. But I LOVE her name over her closet door and the little decorative mirror shelf with the 'bling' sneakers on it, AND the tutu hanging from that pretty french looking hook! ALL TOO CUTE!! She is going to be one VERY blessed little girl! <><

Love and Hugs,

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