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Saturday, October 10, 2009

We have a Travel Date!!

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Today we got word from Nancy that we are officially traveling to China
on October 29th!! That is a Thursday, we will be in China for Halloween,
my Birthday, and our oldest daughter's Birthday. I do not know what our iternerary looks like yet, you don't usually have that until the week before travel. I am both excited and scared all at once. There is lot's and lot's to do! I am very blessed to have been in contact with someone who is working at our daughter's orphanage. We have so many more pieces to her story because of this angel living in China. Our daughter was severely malnourished and was being severely neglected in her SWI. She was able to go into a charitably sponsored wing of the SWI in May of 09 and has been there since. She weighed just 12 pounds when they got her and now she is up to almost 16 whopping pounds! This Angel that I refer to has shared with me so much of Lil Miss Baby Cakes personal information and I will forever be grateful! Things that make me so sad and so astounded but at the same time lead me to being so grateful that God would choose us to be her parents. Just an ordinary family with an ordinary life, being entrusted with this little life, this little child he created for his Glory. I'm off to buy luggage! Light luggage, we can only pack one suitcase each, weighing 40 pounds including the bag itself! I know I can do this, I think I can I think I can! Pin It


TanyaLea said...

Congratulations! ...I cannot wait until the day I can post about our travels. Like you, I am so grateful for connections that have let us know of our daughter's past. Thanks to them, we will have photos and pieces to a puzzle that would've otherwise remained missing.

I can't wait to see your precious little daughter in your arms, where she will be loved, cared for, nurished and taught about Jesus! Praying that you have safe and Happy Travels!! <><


P.S.>> If you are able to manage less than 40 lbs in one bag, bag included... P'LEASE DO SHARE your secrets!! I'm so nervous about that part...silly and unimportant, I know... but still! Way to think like the lil'engine!! ;o)

Rebekah said...

Congratulations!!! I know you are so excited and cannot wait to hold your little girl in your arms.
I share the same worries about packing...How do I go half way around the world in one bag of 40 pounds? I know you can do it, and maybe when your done, you can pass along tips to the rest of us.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

It is Allison McNeece. I work for Great Wall in AZ. We had the Moon Festival at my house right after you put in your application. Lexi aka Little Miss Baby Cakes is beautiful. Congratulations in your travel date. My Carly is also from Hunan and weighed 13 pounds at 15 months. Children from this region tend to be very petite. Carly started kindergarten this year at 29 pounds and 38 inches tall. She is thriving. Your little one will too. She just needs your love and attention. God's Blessing to you and yours.

Allison and Carly

Leah Mei said...

Hi and Congratulations. I stumbled unto your blog through a friend's. Lexi is beautiful they do grow so fast once you get them home and they receive the love and care every child deserves, that I am sure she will be fine. I wish you Happy Travels.

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