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Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the winner is!!

Pin It We have 2 winners! Just for fun I decided to let Lexi grab the name from the bowl. She likes everything in two's, one for each hand. So... she got one in each hand and here on the winners.
In the right hand ~ TanyaLea (I'm super excited to see her win because she is leaving at the end of March to get her sweet baby girl Chloe!)
In the left hand ~ Proud Parents of Halainah Grace! Im super excited for this one as well because Little Miss Halainah is so so so darling and will just be a showstopper in her foofoo socks!
All right Mom's, email me with your size and color choice and I will get to work! Thanks for being part of the fun.
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my...I am so excited I can pee...LOL! I wanted so bad to be the lucky winner of your fabulously cute socks! And I am even more excited that beautiful little Khloe is going to be receiving a pair as well...can your generosity get any better than that...woohoo! Give Lexi tons of kisses from me for picking us as the lucky winners! This is so much fun!
I never payed attention to Halainah's sock size but she wears a size 6 shoe...and pink works for me...this way she can wear your awesome socks with tons of outfits!
And...I knew you were going to tell me that you make the tutus as well. Seriously, you should open up a little online would do so well. I would certainly be a repeat customer. I looked back at Lexi's tutus and the ones you made versus the one you bought at the could never tell the difference. Please open up a boutique so I can buy some tutus!
Many Blessings,
PS...Can't wait to take pics. of Halainah in her fufu socks and post them on my blog!!

TanyaLea said...

Yippppeeeee!!! :) I'm SO excited! These will be just ADORABLE on lil' Miss Khloe Mei! They're coming to China with me!!

I'll take the same size that you are making for Halainah. (I'm so happy they are the other winners!!) From what I can tell, I think Khloe is around a size 6-7 shoe, too. I could be wrong, but that should be a safe bet. I'll take the white socks with the pink fur. Oh, and if you offer any tutu's for sale, please do count me in! I think Khloe should have one of those in her room, waiting for her to wear. I have already been told that her favorite thing to wear is one of your pretty tutus would be perfect! :)

Thanks again, Mary! What a sweet treat!! :)

Oh, and as for travel. It's looking more like April now. Our papers are still in GZ and haven't been picked up yet. But once they are, our TA should come fairly quick. Oh what a happy day that will be! Our agency suspects another 2-3 weeks until our TA. I'll keep ya posted!

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

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