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Monday, February 15, 2010

Little Miss Big girl and Feather Sock Giveaway!

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Well I had to post these photos because Rylee was worried Lexi would not fit in this little outfit come Summer so she dolled Lexi up in it today and added a long sleeve shirt and some knee highs. I thought she lookd super cute so out came the camera, what else is new haha! She loves loves loves to dance with her sister and any time the girls have the ipod on the speaker dock she begs them to dance with her. She started dancing with Rylee to the song Electric and now that is their song. She will not relax and let the joy burst from her little face until the correct song is played... Electric. You will see by the pictures just how happy she is when she is dancing!
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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh my I just want to eat Lexi up....she is so stinkin delicious! You need to tape Lexi and Rylee dancing and post it on your blog...I would love to see it. Oh and those knee highs...way too cute for words! You can tell how happy Lexi is...she knows she's home forever!!

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